Chapter 25 – Preparations

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Clara kisses my cheek to wake me gently.

Clara: Wake up, sweetie.
Wamien: I'm awake. It's okay.

Clara kisses me in the neck in several small steps. I sit in bed and look at her smiling.

Clara: What do you want for lunch?
Wamien: Good hot pancakes and you?
Clara: I want to, too.

She smiled and got out of bed. She wore a camisole and shorts. I get out of bed and get dressed too before I go down with Clara to the kitchen. Gaïa spoke with Thalie seated at the table, they got along well together. I can't help but smile.

Clara: Hey, girls, how you doing?
Gaïa and Thalie: Hi Clara.

Clara sits down with them and talks a little with them. I go by the fridge and take out what it takes to make great pancakes. Tim comes down the stairs, we hear him coming miles away to see how he walks, after all he makes the quadruple of our weight into muscle.

Clara: Hey Tim, how you doing?
Tim: It's okay, the two idiots tried to shave cream on my face again.
Clara: Oh, I see.

She turns to Gaïa and Thalia.

Clara: We help him get revenge?
Tim: You don't have to do that, I'm going to bust them in practice later.
Clara: Never mind, it's free help.

The girls nod their heads and speed up the stairs. We soon hear Hiro and Alexis screaming and the girls laughing out loud. I continue to make the preparation as if I heard nothing and I slowly turn my head to look outside. Tiana and Sam lying in the grass looking up at the sky. They're both cute.

Suddenly, the image of the Black Eagles comes to mind. The group we wanted to dismantle is still formed and they know where we are. They could attack at any time of the day or night, as SIAM has done. Darakei's in charge of SIAM and we're gonna have to deal with the Black Eagles. I can't even assess which of the four members is the most dangerous. Drake with his super speed, Kellan with his titanic strength, Ray with his mental control or Saeko the vampire. Clara's voice takes me out of my thoughts.

Clara: Wamien? Wamien? Hello oh?
Wamien: Hm what what?
Clara: I think the preparation is ready. Kameron! Alexis! I have a little assignment for you!

She takes the bowl from my hands. Alexis soon arrived, he had lipstick kisses on his cheeks and was all red. Kameron comes down smiling when he sees Alexis' face.

Kameron: What else did you do Alexis, you know you shouldn't bother girls otherwise you end up with lipstick on your cheeks.
Alexis: Roh, shut up.
Clara: Guys, little morning practice, baking pancakes with your powers. Alexis will take the right amount of pancake batter and spread it out to make a circle 15 or 20 centimetres in diameter and then Kameron will bake it. You accept your mission?
Kameron: Too easy.
Alexis: Why don't we use the stove?
Clara: Because I'm asking you and then don't do any damage or Louann's gonna be mad.
Alexis: Okay, okay.

I'm gonna get some plates and sit at the table and watch them do it. Clara stands by and watches them do it. She can't heal others if they hurt themselves so she feels she has to do her part by training them. I know she's gonna know how to do this someday.

Bailey and Theo are out training to send electric shocks into a metal rod planted in the ground. They seem to be trying to send the biggest discharge they can in one time. I'll come out and see them.

Wamien: You know, nothing is worth more than several small times powerful.
Theo: Not that I mean to disrespect you, but I don't really want your advice.
Wamien: So let me give you a little scenario. You have an enemy in front of you and then you do to him what you just did to that metal bar, but he is still standing and you do not have the strength you have left to send others. What are you doing?

Theo's silence reflecting on the fact that I wasn't wrong was satisfying enough.

Bailey: Yeah, but Kellan passed out like that.
Wamien: I know, I was there, but not everyone is Kellan and then if he's stronger than last time, one discharge won't be enough. We're going to have to send several blows, small and fast. The pain will come during the small pauses of one or two seconds and then either you aim several places, or you aim only one place, in any case you will make enormous damage to your opponent.
Theo: You're almost scary right now.
Wamien: I've listened to too many action movies, I think, sorry.
Bailey: Still, you're right. We must send several small, short and fast blows.
Wamien: Yeah well, if you want pancakes, come to the kitchen, Kameron and Alexis are making plenty.

I turn around and go back inside, everyone was starting to get up. Kameron and Alexis had almost finished making the pancakes that were well cooked. Once they have finished cooking the pancakes, everyone serves themselves and eats.

Wamien: After breakfast, we try to find the Black Eagles' weak spots.

I'll finish eating first and put up the sign with all the info on the Black Eagles. The only important detail missing is their location. Kameron and I will have to take care of it.

Sam: Say Wamien, if we gave them an appointment instead of looking for them, it would be easier, wouldn't it?
Wamien: You're a genius, Sam! That's exactly what we're going to do, but where we're going to meet them, we need a field that would give us a definite advantage over them.
Sam: We're gonna find you some.
Louann: A warehouse, like the remote place where there are plenty of ways to fight.
Wamien: Well, I'm not very convinced, I don't want to put you in danger. You know you're family to me.
Louann: We know it Wamien, but we all want to end this group, they are too dangerous.
Kameron: I think we could contact Darakei to give us access to the gas that SIAM is using, we could get them out of harm's way in an instant and then if they're all four in the warehouse, they'll be easily neutralized. And there are some of us who know how to fight hand-to-hand.
Wamien: It's a good plan.
Kémy: A very good one!

We will be ready to defeat this group quickly.