Chapter 26 – The Guild

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Louann, Samuel, Hiro and I are waiting for news from Darakei, he must be arriving with the neutralizing gas tanks. Slightly nervous and anxious about this event, I call him.

Wamien: Darakei, where are we with the neutralizing gases?
Darakei: I finish placing them on the cart and teleport to the place I indicated. I hope I have room.
Wamien: Okay, and yes, the spot's free. All that remains is to place them, all the traps are installed.
Darakei: Perfect. You'll send me a signal that I'm sending the coordinates to the SIAM.
Wamien: Did you get the checks right that they're not related?
Darakei: Yes, don't worry.
Wamien: All right, I'll see you in a minute.

I hang up and Darakei appears next to us.

Darakei: Now!

Louann and Hiro are laughing. Darakei was having fun making that kind of joke. Outside of work, he clearly wasn't acting like he was in the lab.

We finish placing the gas bottles. We place the holograms of the group. We evacuate the area and I'll call the Black Eagles. Somebody answers.

Drake: How did you get them this number.
Wamien: Drake, we'll meet you at hangar number 16 in Damonia's industrial district. We are waiting for you there.
Drake: Oh, little Waminou. How are you? How are you? We haven't heard from you since last time. Saeko told me about you.
Wamien: That's just it. We're settling this now. Hangar number 16 in Damonia's industrial district, now!
Darakei: All right, we're coming.

He's hanging up. Mary signals to me that he was telling the truth. Everyone looks at me, the fighters are all there, all those who have skills to fight without their power in bulk. That makes eight of us, Sam, Kameron, Bailey, Louann, Marie, Hiro, Théo and myself. The others did not necessarily know how to fight as hard as we did, Kémyanne could have, but Kameron forbade her. They are officially a couple and Kameron loves Kémyanne too much to let her risk her life. Clara, on the other hand, demanded to be there if anyone gets hurt. She's been practicing using powers on others.

I connected to the road cameras on their route to see where they are. They are about 30 minutes away by car if they respect the speed limits, which I would be surprised.

Twenty minutes later

Their vehicle parks behind one of the nearby hangars. They go near the doors and place themselves so that they can enter by surprise. I look at Saeko, completely different from when she was on our side, her clothes are dark, a huge skull drawn on her top, jeans with holes in her knees, black boots and shaved hair all over her right side and left side is so long that it happens in her lower back, her beautiful blond hair destroyed by this extroversion.

Kameron gives me a little elbow to get me out of my thoughts.

Kameron: They're coming in.

I press the monitor on my headset.

Wamien: Bailey, Hiro, be ready to lock the doors. The action is about to begin.
Bailey: We're ready.

The Black Eagles enter the hangar and the simulation is activated before contact, the gas fills the hangar in a few seconds blocking the powers of all those who are there. The doors block and we wait a few seconds before entering the hangar by the service road of the second floor, we placed the boxes there so as to hide it from their point of view.

The gas was specially mixed with smoke to be thicker than the fog. We all put on our thermal goggles and enter the hangar without making any noise. Having installed a filter, the gas no longer has any effect on me, I have control over my entire body.

Kellan: It's a trap! It's a gas that blocks our powers!
Drake: Let's get out of here! The bastards set us up like beginners!
Ray: What are we gonna do?
Saeko: Fight!

I figure Ray's gonna be easy to immobilize. I'm just waving to Bailey and Louann to take care of Ray.

They place themselves, grab Ray's wrists and prevent him from speaking while moving away from the group.

Drake: Ray? Fuck! They're close! Stay on your guard!

Saeko has moved away from the group, Hiro, Théo and Kameron are about to intervene.

Sam and Marie are positioned to control Kellan's legs and arms.

I reserved Drake for myself out of sheer leader-to-leader combat.

Hiro leaps on Saeko's back to make him a bear grip, a blocked arm and a pressed chest. Kameron grabs her legs.

Saeko: Guys!

At the same moment, Kellan turns his head towards where Saeko is. Louann and Sam take the opportunity to push him and tackle him on the ground, leaving me plenty of room to fight Drake.

Théo goes to gag Saeko, but she succeeds in giving a big blow of head to Théo who retreats a few steps. She kicks Kameron and manages to get rid of Hiro's grip.

Kellan is face down with his arms behind his back, gagged in his mouth, Sam keeps one knee on Kellan's back to keep him on the ground. Louann runs to Saeko.

Drake can't see me yet, but I'm about two meters in front of him.

Wamien: Drake.
Drake: That little bastard Wamien, can't play fair.
Wamien: You say that, but we all know you would have done the same.
Drake: Come here so my face is the last thing you see before you die.

I take a swing and hit him in the stomach, pushing him back one meter. I go to hit him in the face, but he grabs my fist and starts clenching it, he tries to hit me in the face, but I dodge the blow and block his arm.

Wamien: You know things change.

I activate a little surprise that I was secretly preparing, version two of my body, exactly similar to my normal appearance, but extremely strong, solid and hidden gadget. My fist gets bigger, forcing him to let go and takes the opportunity to hit him again in the stomach in an uppercut, he rises a few centimeters from the ground and as I held his left arm, I break his ulna and radius, bone of the forearm. He screams in pain and backs off when I let him go.

Wamien: You're no match for us.
Drake: Fuck you!

He runs towards me and is loaded to hit me in the face, I dodge him on the left and give him a small blow to the elbow to make him lose balance and that he ends face down like Kellan and Ray.

Meanwhile, Saeko remains on guard, facing his three opponents. Louann ready to gag her. Hiro goes to hit Saeko, but she blocks him with ease. Kameron makes a sweep and Saeko only has time to dodge with one leg, but has not had time to move the second and is losing balance. Louann takes the opportunity to put the gag in his mouth and the guys grab his arms, ready to take some knee blows.

Drake manages to turn around in his fall to protect his left arm, I have time to sit on him and hit him repeatedly in the face. He tries to block my blows, but I hit him too quickly, the anger and rage rose to the point of boiling me!

Saeko uses the distance between her and Kameron in front of her and uses it as a platform to tumble backwards and in a very quick and clever gesture, placed the gag around Louann's neck, ready to strangle her if someone made a bad gesture. The three guys look at her surprised and still. Louann has his hands on the gag and looks at them. Nobody wants to lose her.

Drake is out on the ground. I gag him and tie his hands.

Wamien: Drake under control!

I have time to turn my head and see how my friends are disposed towards Saeko. I blink to change my view and see that Saeko has a little knife hidden in his jeans pocket. By impulse I activate my magnet and Saeko is attracted to me. Louann managed to get down, turn around and back towards the guys. Theo runs to Saeko. Who just has time to pull out his knife and hit Theo's heart before Kameron and Hiro tackle her on the floor.

Louann: Theo no!

Saeko lets herself be gagged and her wrist tied. She has a big smile, no doubt the vision of blood. I run to Théo, take him in my arms and run outside the hangar, join Clara who had stayed in the hangar next door.

Wamien: Clara! Hurry! Theo's going to die!

Clara comes out of the hangar in fourth speed and throws herself to the ground in front of Theo whom I had just laid on the ground.

Clara: I, heart wound, stab wound.

She takes a deep breath and concentrates her power in her hands. We both knew that she was under-trained to care for others, but that she would be ready for everyone to save Theo. Theo looks at us, a hand on his heart trying to keep his blood. Clara closes her eyes and a blue glow emanates from her hands. She's about to succeed. Theo's wound is healing. I sincerely hope Clara succeeds. Theo, close your eyes.

Wamien: Theo! Theo stays with us!
Theo: I-I know you're capable, Clara.

Clara is crying, she suffers, puts her hands on Theo's chest and sheds tears. Theo opens his eyes with misery and smiles.

Theo: It's gonna be okay.

He closes his eyes

Wamien: Theo! Theo stay with us!
Theo: O...take care of the Black Eagles.

I'm making contact with Darakei.

Darakei: Wamien?
Wamien: Call SIAM, give them the address, we're waiting for them.
Darakei: I contact them, they won't be long.
Wamien: Perfect.

I hang up and watch Theo.

Clara: He's cured.
Wamien: Thank you Clara.

Clara closes her eyes and kneels and sighs. I sat next to her and held her close to me.

Wamien: You're the strongest, darling.

I put a sweet kiss on his lips. Immediately, I feel her leaning against me and I feel a small part of my energy going towards her. The sound of the SIAM vehicles takes me out of the kiss.

Wamien: They were so quick.
Sam: Darakei said they had agents in police centres, hospitals and fire stations. I just hope they have masks to keep the gas working.
Wamien: Sam, I trust you, you explain the situation and you tell them what powers everyone has.
Sam: Okay Wamien.

He goes to see them and explains everything to them, I watch Theo resting.

Wamien: Theo, I'm gonna hold you and carry you in the car, okay?
Theo: Yeah.

I get up and come and take it with infinite delicacy, as if we had to carry a piece of porcelain with the little finger. I set him up as best I can and help him get attached. I'll see if everyone else is okay. They're watching the SIAM men do their jobs.

Hiro: For once, they're capturing the right people.

Back home, Gaïa uses her plants to gently carry Theo to his room. I sigh, they will be managed by the SIAM and those criminals will cause no more trouble to anyone. Kameron's coming to take my hand.

Kameron: Wamien, you are a real leader.
Wamien: Thank you Kameron.

I smile nervously.

Kameron: Hip hip!
Those who are close: Hooray!
Wamien: No, stop, guys, it's too much honor.
Kameron: And you are too humble!

I look out the window and see the sun go down.

Wamien: I would like to eat marshmallows around a campfire.
Kameron: I'll take care of it!

He runs outside and goes by the campfire and lights it with his powers. Sarah will take the marshmallows and Sandrine some sticks for everyone. We all come to settle around the campfire. I'm going to see Theo in his room.

Wamien: Theo?
Theo: Hm? I heard you roasting marshmallows?
Wamien: Yeah, you want me to bring you some or help you join us.
Theo: I'll wave at you through the window if I ever want some.
Wamien: Have a good rest.
Theo: Chief yes chief.

I smile and go back to my friends. They are all placed around the campfire and talk, laughing and smiling.

Wamien: Friends!

They all turn to me and look at me smiling.

Wamien: I think I found the name of our band, The Guild.