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Sarry 32 / 2020-09-30

I know publishing new chapters take a lot of time but I have a lot of things on my plates, either about stories or personal stuff. Anyway, new chapiter about Saeko's story and hope it will please you, readers.

Thiom 21 / 2020-06-02

The team is growing and Saeko feels it's time for better equipment.

Jattam 14 / 2020-03-14

It's the big day, just that to say.

Daggahar 37 / 2020-02-29

Saeko continues to train Ray plans the robbery they will do with Drake soon.

Daggahar 23 / 2020-02-15

Saeko finds the manager of one of the banks they want to rob and manipulates him to get accounts.

Daggahar 9 / 2020-02-01

Saeko introduce Ray to Drake and they start training him for future missions.

Mottas 19 / 2019-04-25

Saeko goes looking for people with powers, she has to watch a young woman who has appeared on their list of future recruits.

Verli 27 / 2019-01-12

Saeko helps Drake unlock the list and starts placing the points on the map. She decided to go for a walk in the city and maybe find people she could drink the blood.

Wannu 35 / 2018-12-15

Wamien gets the coordinates of the Legion bases and the Black Eagles, it's their last chance to stop them.

Wannu 28 / 2018-12-08

An intruder go in Wamien's house and try to get blue prints for technologies that Wamien have, let's see who it turns out.

Wannu 21 / 2018-12-01

Despite everything that is happening with the new humans and the enemies of The Guild, Wamien and Clara have agreed to get married.

Binn 36 / 2018-11-24

Saeko is with Lily, she goes to the mall with her after getting the 2 thousand dollars and meeting two guys to accompany them.

Wannu 7 / 2018-11-17

The Legion and the Black Eagles stormed four banks at the same time, each group demanding Wamien's presence. But as no one knows who is in the Wamien bank can't risk going there.

Binn 35 / 2018-11-09

Saeko returns to the hangar with Drake and helps him decrypt the data key she stole. The two are getting a little closer.

Binn 27 / 2018-11-01

Todd's family is no longer safe, so he and his parents get along to move to where The Guild is. Wamien realizes after meeting Todd's family that his mother and sister may have powers, he will have to convince them to have a new blood test.

Binn 8 / 2018-10-13

Saeko attacks Alpha Science alone to get a list of names of possible New Humans in the area.

Binn 5 / 2018-10-10

Wamien is forced to testify to the inhabitants' hatred towards new humans, the army tries to locate The Legion and Darakei must hold a press conference to try to calm the fervour and explain the situation.

Binn 2 / 2018-10-07

Saeko and Drake meet Lily Fowler, an Alpha Science scientist who is one of the few people who know about New Humans.

Sarry 24 / 2018-09-22

The Legion takes action, they lock up the people who had the tattoo they showed a few months ago and put their plan into action.

Sarry 17 / 2018-09-15

Saeko's adventures continue, come read Drake's plan to get the names of new humans who could join Saeko and Drake.

Sarry 10 / 2018-09-08

The Blood Born are executing their plan to rob the country's three largest banks, a contact of Vincent contacts Daryl to join him.

Sarry 3 / 2018-09-01

The explosion of a nuclear power plant took place north of the town Jiamlot, the government quickly dealt with this kind of incident and sent experts to manage the crisis. Darakei doesn't take long to get into the picture.

Retiep 32 / 2018-08-25

Saeko's peripetheies continue, come see one of her techniques to collect blood from poor and simple humans.

Retiep 25 / 2018-08-18

Daryl is still looking for information, fortunately Vincent is available to help him. Alicia discovers her power and villains prepare a large-scale robbery.

Retiep 18 / 2018-08-11

The Guild receive an unexpected visit from Théo's uncle. But why and how did he learn the location of this place?

Retiep 4 / 2018-07-28

The story of Saeko is finally here, come read her adventures and what happened to her 6 years before The First Cyborg.

Fiumo 27 / 2018-07-14

The new chapter of the Red Ravens story is now online, come read what Daryl will have to do to recruit members and try to resolve some conflicts between countries.

Fiumo 26 / 2018-07-13

The entire website is now available in French or English!

Fiumo 13 / 2018-06-30

A new chapter is now online! Come read the new chapter of the First Cyborg and read about the challenges facing The Guild.

Thiom 35 / 2018-06-16

The last chapter of Kellan's story is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!

Thiom 33 / 2018-06-14

I apologize for the delay in this chapter. The last chapter of Jack's story is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!

Thiom 22 / 2018-06-03

The last chapter of Tim's story is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!

Thiom 14 / 2018-05-26

The last chapter of Gaia's story is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!

Thiom 7 / 2018-05-19

The last chapter of Sam's story is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!

Thiom 4 / 2018-05-16

There are new pages available on the website! In the occurance, the list of characters, the card of characters, the list of powers and the card of powers!

Thiom 4 / 2018-05-16

All the chapters of all the stories are online!

Mottas 37 / 2018-05-12

Kellan's new chapter is now online! Come and read it as soon as possible!