Groups, clans and organisations...

These are all the groups from the New Human Universe.

Founded by Daryl Koido, the main goal of this group is to dismantle the crimial groups that ravage the cities of Hutlia country. But above all, he must train his recruits in combat and self-defence.

The main objective of this group is to exterminate humans since the leader, Flynn Gamay, believes that humans are outdated and now useless knowing that new humans are more and more numerous. He will establish several strategies to try to kill humans, so, by eliminating humans, it will reduce the amount of new humans that are present in his country of origin. Countries that have suffered from overpopulation for more than 50 years.

The Guild is a group dedicated to protecting humans and new humans who are unable to protect and defend themselves from new humans with bad intentions. Wamien Mata is the group leader and one of his goals is to help new humans master their powers in order to do good.

The Black Eagles are led by Drake Tarcion, their goal is to enrich themselves and inspire fear in the humans facing them. They will not hesitate to commit murders to reach their end.