New Humans Universe

New Human Universe is a fictive universe where 0.01% of the population have a power.

The powers are detectable via a gene that has been named the Drumel gene, on behalf of the scientist who identified the different cases and possibilities of this gene.

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Featured stories

Taste of Blood

Saeko Black's peripethecies, the lonely vampire. Her story takes place 6 years before The First Cyborg, but Saeko is physically only 19 years old.

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The First Cyborg - Volume 1

Wamien Mata is the first human being to become a cyborg following a fire. He will discover a fabulous thing later, he is one of the few humans to possess a power, his is the control of technology. He will meet several other people in his case and realize that he has a major role to play in all this.

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The First Cyborg - Volume 2

This is the story of Wamien and the guild two years after the Black Eagles were locked up. Cases of new humans are more and more frequent and not all keep good intentions for their powers. The guild will therefore have to grow and train new members to confront and neutralize new humans who harm ordinary humans like you.

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Recents news

Sarry 32 / 2020-09-30

I know publishing new chapters take a lot of time but I have a lot of things on my plates, either about stories or personal stuff. Anyway, new chapiter about Saeko's story and hope it will please you, readers.

Thiom 21 / 2020-06-02

The team is growing and Saeko feels it's time for better equipment.

Jattam 14 / 2020-03-14

It's the big day, just that to say.

Daggahar 37 / 2020-02-29

Saeko continues to train Ray plans the robbery they will do with Drake soon.

Daggahar 23 / 2020-02-15

Saeko finds the manager of one of the banks they want to rob and manipulates him to get accounts.

Daggahar 9 / 2020-02-01

Saeko introduce Ray to Drake and they start training him for future missions.

Mottas 19 / 2019-04-25

Saeko goes looking for people with powers, she has to watch a young woman who has appeared on their list of future recruits.

Verli 27 / 2019-01-12

Saeko helps Drake unlock the list and starts placing the points on the map. She decided to go for a walk in the city and maybe find people she could drink the blood.

Wannu 35 / 2018-12-15

Wamien gets the coordinates of the Legion bases and the Black Eagles, it's their last chance to stop them.

Upcoming releases

Maybe new chapters/stories soon

Sarry 32 / 2020-09-30

I've a lot of ideas for a lot of new stories, and also a lot of idea to keep going with the in progress stories. I don't know when I'll publish another chapter or another stories, but will see!

Creation of the Universe

I started creating the Universe around January 2015, the first story I wrote was The First Cyborg, after the first volume, I started writing a sequel.

Soon, the Universe expanded, leading to the creation of several characters, powers and groups. The concepts were detailed as time went on.

Eventually, all the characters will have their stories to tell and the Universe will continue to grow again and again.

Projects of the Universe

A section will soon appear on the wiki, the world map section (and more)!

Like the first time, five characters are selected to have their own story.