Chapter 24 – The story

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Darakei:... I really understood how to use it when I was 18. I studied genetics and then joined this company. Gradually, I climbed the ladder in various ways and finally became the head of the laboratory where we are. I haven't told anyone about my power. I took blood samples to isolate the genes in my DNA that allowed me to have my power. Once all the genes were identified, I asked for blood samples among the employees to see if any of them had the possibility of having an inactive or active power. Unfortunately, none of the lab staff were gene carriers. So I started researching various samples that I could collect in blood donation campaigns for science. In this way, I was able to progress and gradually find people, adults as well as children, who possess or will possess powers.
Wamien : And what do you do when you find them, you get them killed?
Darakei: Of course not! Otherwise most of you wouldn't be here. I give the name to a group of authorities, in a list of people to watch. In your case, Wamien, it was the firemen who warned me about the fire at your house.
Wamien : What fire?
Darakei: I'll explain this to you in private. When I found out, I sent a team to take care of you and then that's when we had to change your body to the one you're in. You had a multitude of burns, broken bones and so on.

Clara approaches and takes my hand. I slowly turn my head towards her and look her straight in the eyes.

Clara: I love you Wamien.
Wamien: Me too Clara.
Darakei: Otherwise I would have something to offer. I'll buy an area of the kingdom so you can live there, quiet.
Wamien: A kind of village?
Darakei: Yeah, maybe even the family will grow soon. Moreover, people would be too afraid if they learned that their neighbours had powers. It's a proposition, I'll let you weigh the positives and the negatives together.
Sam : Question, can we go home without being afraid that the SIAM will attack us again?
Darakei : Elea is already in charge of restricting the actions they can do on you.
Sam: That's reassuring.
Darakei: I will ask for vehicles to take you home.
Wamien : Perfect, thanks for everything Darakei.
Darakei : Nothing, I'm not a bad person, I have good intentions from the beginning it's just that I can't afford to tell everyone for various reasons.
Wamien : I understand, you want to tell me about the fire?
Darakei: Okay, but alone.
Clara: We'll be waiting for you in the cars.

I kiss Clara's forehead and follow Darakei into a room empty of other human presences. Darakei gently closes the door.

Darakei: Sit down, it might be upsetting.

I'm gonna sit here, nervous to hear what he's gonna say.

Darakei: A few months ago, there was a fire at your house during the night. You're the only person who got out. Your mother and father are dead. Your mother jumped out a window with you and died falling to the ground. Your father's body was found crushed under a piece of furniture.

I feel my heart stop beating. My parents died and I didn't know it.

Darakei: You gonna be okay?
Wamien : I think, I don't know.
Darakei: I'll walk you to the cars where your friends are waiting for you, okay?
Wamien: Okay.

He helps me get up and we go back to my friends. Everybody's waiting by the cars. Clara smiles at me and comes to take my hand.

Clara: We go back to the cottage, we'll catch up on our night.
Wamien: Okay, let's go.

We get in the cars and go back to the cabin. I tell myself I have a new family to take care of. When I get to the cabin, I ask everyone to go to the living room.

Wamien : What do you think of the village we could have?
Sam: That would be cool and we'd all live together.

Most people agree with Sam.

Clara: That's right, plus the Black Eagles won't know where we'll be.
Wamien: Speaking of the Black Eagles, we're gonna have to end them.
Clara: You mean kill them?
Wamien: No, to have them locked up.
Tiana: We deliver them to the SIAM.
Wamien: It could.
Sam: They tried to lock us up and then we don't know what they wanted to do to us.
Wamien : Precisely, it would be a kind of compensation because they couldn't get us.
Gaïa: It would be their style to have sold us to them. I'm pretty sure they work together.
Kameron : I can try to find them if they are hidden somewhere, they must well with means of communication.
Wamien : I can handle that, Kameron, we'll try to get stronger before we do anything.
Kameron: I understand boss.
Wamien : Boss?
Kameon: Yeah, you're our leader, our role model, our guide.

He tells me that smiling with a kind of admiration that others have too.

Wamien : I'd be happy to be the leader.

Clara's coming to take my hand.

Clara: We're all with you, you made us one big family.
Sam : And that's all to your credit Wamien.
Wamien : Thank you friends.