Chapter 9 - Saeko the recruiter

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I sighed, I was caught watching a girl working in a café, she must easily be 27 years old to see her young and radiant body. She approaches with her notebook.

Waitress: So what would you like me to serve you?
Saeko: Heum, a black coffee and a sugar doughnut, my pretty~

She takes note without comment, I observe her from top to bottom and hold a grin as I smell her blood, not my type at all. She goes to prepare all this and I observe her. She looks all nice and innocent with her stupid smile and braided hair, I have to try to see what her power is. At her age, if she still hasn't seen the color, there's a problem. I wait for her to come and bring me my coffee and put my hand on hers.

Saeko: I have a question for you~
Waitress: Really?

She seems embarrassed to touch my hand.

Saeko: I'm writing a fantasy book and it's about people with powers, do you have any ideas?

I feel like she's thinking, I'm trying to capture what she's thinking at the same time.

Waitress: I, I don't know.

I feel it, she knows what I'm talking about, I just need to know her power.

Saeko: You can say it in my ear if you have ideas.

She approaches her mouth to my ear. I send her thoughts that she needs to tell me her power.

Waitress: Immunity to bacteria, the person never gets sick.

I'm a little grimace, not very useful as a power. I give her a fake smile.

Saeko: That's a good idea, I'll write that down.

She stands up and seems to think she told me her idea even though it was actually her power she told me. She swallows her saliva and goes to serve other customers. I take a sip of coffee and crunch gently into my doughnut afterwards. I know I can finish eating and go back to HQ, I doubt I can find other people with powers.

Within the next hour, I walk through the city, looking for fresh blood for my teeth, coffee damages my canines. I walk, my hands in my jeans pockets and look at the people passing by, I see that quite a few young men are looking at me, some more mature and some old. I feel like a guy's following me. I turn around to see where he is. He's not far away, I want action. I take my hands out of my pockets and start running, not too fast so he doesn't lose sight of me. I turn a corner and slow down a little. I feel that he is approaching, I jump over a wooden fence and place myself behind it, I see him passing, I jump over the fence and ptu him on the floor, I am mounted on him and I bend over and bite my lip.

Saeko: Hello pretty man~
Guy: No, but?! How did you do that?
Saeko: It's my secret~ Tell me, what is your blood type?

Guys is frozen by my question. I took his hand and started to unzip my jacket as I looked at him. He obviously thinks I'm pretty, he wanted to steal something from me maybe, thinking I'm just a helpless girl.

Saeko: So? ~ What's your blood type? ~
Guy: A.... A positive...
Saeko: Perfect, that's what I felt~
Guy: Felt?

At the same time, I take out my fangs and bite into the young man's flesh, I take a sip, two sips and a third one a little bigger. I pull out my fangs and straighten up as I exhale. The man is still out of it, he didn't exactly understand what happened. I turned his head, put a little saliva on my index finger and middle finger before putting my fingers on the small holes that corresponded to where I had bitten. I turn around to check that no one had seen us and get up, leaving the young man lying there on the ground. I look up at a garage roof not too high and jump. I make a few jumps to reach the roofs which are a little higher. I walk quietly on the rooftops and take the road to the hangar, I had taken care to remove the blood that was on my lips and rezip my jacket.

I have to go down from the rooftops since I arrive at a place where there are only small houses rather than buildings. I put my hands in my pockets and I see a young man walking alone, hands in his jacket pockets, I feel something, maybe appetizing blood. I approach him and whistle as I am five meters from him. He looks up and looks around a little. I whistle again, he turns around, sees me and starts running to get away from me. I feel that it's not his blood that interests me, he has a power. I smile and start running normally, but a little faster to catch up gradually. He turns around a little and accelerates when he sees that I'm catching up with him.

Saeko: Where are you running? I don't want to hurt you~
Young man: No! Get out of here!

I smile and catch him a few seconds later he tries to put his hands in my face. I grab his wrists.

Saeko: No, will you stop trying to touch my face or what?!

He still struggles, I push him away and he ends up on his ass, he won't have time to get up before I put him back on the ground. He was breathing fast, a real little coward.

Young man: What do you want from me?
Saeko: I felt something special in you and I want to know what it is.

He looks at me with big eyes and looks away. I'm smiling, would my instincts prove me right again?

Saeko: Come on, tell me what's special about you~ It must be according to your touch because you're trying to touch my face.
Young man: Get out of here...
Saeko: No, unless you want me to chase you home and kill your parents?
Young man: They're assholes anyway.
Saeko: Oh? You want me to kill them?
Young man: No! They're not worth it.
Saeko: So tell me your secret~
Young man: I can control people....
Saeko: Oh well there it is! It wasn't that complicated.

I slap him on the cheek with a smile. He grins a little, he doesn't seem to like to be touched. I smile amused and move back two steps.

Saeko: Come on, what's your name, kid?
Ray: It's Ray...

He starts to get up, I look at him and reach out my hand to him to squeeze him.

Saeko: Well, hello Ray, I'm Saeko, the vampire.
Ray: You, you're going to drink my blood?
Saeko: Ugh, no, you don't have the blood type I like.

He had put his hands around his neck and sighed with relief as he pulled them out.

Saeko: So, do you have a place to stay?
Ray: What do you mean?
Saeko: Are you staying with your parents or something?
Ray: Why do you want to know that?

I smile a little and put my hand through my hair.

Saeko: We're looking for people to do robberies and murders and you could be useful to us.
Ray: Uh, I don't know....
Saeko: You will be able to use your powers against people.
Ray: My power is not that strong...
Saeko: I think it is, otherwise we'll train, especially in combat since you don't know how to defend yourself~

I push his shoulder a little bit and he almost loses his balance.

Saeko: Come on, follow me.

I go to the exit of the alley, my hands in my jacket pockets. Ray's running a little to join me. We're on our way to headquarters.