Chapter 8 - Saeko the associate

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I'm going to see Drake, he was in front of his computer and sighed.

Saeko: What's going on Drakounet?

I put my arms around him and squeeze a little against his back. Drake doesn't flinch and lets me do it.

Drake: I'm trying to find the formula to get the names and profiles.
Saeko: Do you need my help?
Drake: No, I'll figure it out eventually.

I suddenly straighten up and cross my arms.

Saeko: It's not like I didn't do anything to help you, right?
Drake: It's not that, it's just that I spent the night there.
Saeko: And your super speed power can't help you?
Drake: Yeah, but still after the computer makes the conversion attempt and it takes time.
Saeko: I see. You're gonna get it eventually.

Drake turns his chair towards me and smiles a little. The screen finally displays a list with more than a thousand profiles. I smile and go around it to go in front of the screen. Drake looks at me and looks at the screen.

Drake: Move your ass, let me see the list.

I'll settle down a little bit and we'll look at the list.

Saeko: Do you have a map of the country?
Drake: Yeah, I have to have that somewhere.

Drake gets up and goes to his drawers to see if he has a card lying around. I sighed and sat in his chair and went to get a map of the country. I download it and start opening the profiles to write down the addresses on the map. Some profiles are outside the country. I notice that there are old people and children on the list.

Saeko: Hm...

Drake comes to me and sees that I was placing the points on a map.

Drake: What?
Saeko: There are old people and kids on the list.
Drake: So what?
Saeko: If we want to make money, it's not a baby or an old man who can help us.
Drake: Right... we should go get teenagers or adults then?
Saeko: Yeah.

I start looking at the profiles again, also looking at age.

Saeko: Is 15 years too young?
Drake: No.
Saeko: Because one of them lives in the city.
Drake: Cool, are there any others in the city?
Saeko: We should see, the list has more than a thousand names.
Drake: Don't you have some kind of algorithm for that?
Saeko: No, but we could extract the addresses and send them to an application to place points on the map.
Drake: Do that, I'm going to go to lunch.
Saeko: The guy takes the liberty of giving me orders~

Drake blushes a little in front of my remark and turns his head.

Drake: You're still my partner....
Saeko: You don't talk to your partners like that~
Drake: Yeah, anyway.

Drake stands with his back to me and goes to the door. I smile and watch him come out. I get back in front of the screen and what is something doing that filters by age the list down to about 800 results.

Saeko: There are fucking people on that damn list.

I sort by country name and city name, the list is still long, but this time. I can see that there are about 50 people in town who have powers and are between 15 and 40 years old.

Saeko: That's better.

I start placing the points on a city map again. I was focused and a voice came out of my concentration.

Drake: Hey.

I jump up and take out my fangs and claws. I see it's just Drake staring at me. His bowl of cereal in his hand and his spoon near his mouth. I sigh and replace myself.

Saeko: You scared the fuck out of me.
Drake: How's it going?
Saeko: Yeah, I'm putting about 50 points on the city map.
Drake: Perfect. We're going to operate in two stages, observation and recruitment, is that okay with you?
Saeko: It's going to be a pain to watch....
Drake: We're not going to ask someone to help us rob a bank if the person doesn't know they have a power and if they're a nice person, that would be stupid.
Saeko: Hm, yeah... and there is a maximum of people I can control at the same time...
Drake: You understand my idea now.
Saeko: Yeah, but still I'm an action girl, I like it when it moves and there's blood everywhere!
Drake: I understood.

I smile a little and continue to place the dots, I was almost finished.

Saeko: So you do the observation and I do the recruiting?
Drake: You just want to have the side where there's interaction what?
Saeko: Yeah! Well! I'm going out for a walk.
Drake: As long as you don't go dressed like that.
Saeko: That's cute, you're protective~
Drake: Yeah, that's right.

I smile and go to the door.

Saeko: Anyway, I think I look beautiful and I don't mind being looked at!~

I leave the room before Drake even turns to me and I'll put on a leggings and a tank top. I take my jacket and put it on without closing it. I'm going out and take a walk around town. We were around noon, so there were lots of people on the streets and in the restaurants. I put my hands in my jacket pockets and walk quietly through the crowd and feel a little the smell of the people around me. I mean, I'm trying to feel their blood.

I feel like I'm being followed. I turn into an alley and jump to a balcony on the second floor. I see the guy who stops in front of the alley and starts to look in if he sees me. I smile a little bit, the guy keeps moving forward. I jump behind him and pass my arms around him and squeeze him against me.

Saeko: What do you want from me, handsome man?
Man: I... how did you do that?
Saeko: You picked the wrong target, sweetie~
Man: You're not a target...

I wonder if he's telling the truth or not.

Saeko: What am I then?
Man: Well, I think I know you?

I keep him close to me, immobilizing his arms.

Man: And where are you so strong from?
Saeko: I think you're mistaken about the wrong person, darling.

I feel like he's getting nervous and doesn't understand what's going on.

Saeko: Otherwise, do you know my name?
Man: Well, I thought you were Lily, but it looks like you're not...
Saeko: Oh? And he's an important person to you?
Man: Yes, she's my ex-girlfriend...
Saeko: Hm, do you want to promise me something?
Man: What?
Saeko: You go to her house, you say Yura sent you. You come back with her and live a happy life together, understand?
Man: Uh, yeah...

I'm releasing him. He turns to me. I bite him in the neck and drink a little to anchor the instructions and take him under my control. I release it slowly and move back. I smile when I see that he was a little frozen. I snap my fingers in front of his face. He looks at me and swallows his saliva.

Man: I'm going to go see Lily.
Saeko: Perfect, good luck, sweetheart~

I smile and go back for a walk putting my hands in my jacket pockets.