Chapter 5 - First mission

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After the addition of the weapons that I liked, the American fist was added to my left fist, three daggers are stored in each of my forearms and four are placed in my back, just above the ass, the pistol was too hard to hide at the level of my forearms, it was thus installed on the side of my right thigh. The flash grenades are installed at the level of my back arms allowing an easy sending of the grenades. The sniper rifle was modified to be mountable and dismountable at will. Darakei comes into my room.

Darakei : So, is everything settled?
Wamien : Yes, everything is very well installed, a little hard to take the sniper, but it can go.
Darakei : You want us to add flexibility, to integrate a small movement so that it is easier to take?
Wamien : Flexibility would not be a refusal.
Darakei : Fine, we'll fix it for you whenever you want.
Wamien : Oh take your time, but exactly why did you add all that to me, I'm going on a mission?
Darakei: Exactly.
Wamien : Oh.

I'm smiling a little happy to finally get out of the lab.

Darakei: We'll give you a summary of your tasks in an hour, so rest in the meantime.

Darakei leaves the room.

Wamien : Finally, I'll be able to get out of here.

I stand in front of the mirror to observe my body. So I realize that I have grown at least 10 centimeters depending on my height before. My "musculature" is also bigger despite the fact that my body doesn't need all those metal plates to be who I am. I know I'm still in my head and they're still a long way from controlling me. I'll wait for the right time to run away, because they must have put a tracker in me somewhere. The time passed fairly quickly because I was reviewing the moves I had learned, finally, downloading into my memory. I leave my room and a young woman takes me to the meeting room to explain what I will have to do. I arrive in the room, Darakei and two other people are present.

Darakei: I introduce you, Wamien Mata, the first cyborg to be completely autonomous from his actions.
Wamien : Huh hello.
Bald man: So you've been fantasizing about this project for five years.
Darakei: Precisely, Mr. Hikino. And let me make it clear that this is not a fantasy, but a dream come true.
Hikino : But dreams are for children, Mr Drumel.

The woman with dark hair and bottle bottom glasses start speaking.

Woman: Mr Drumel, we're not at dinnertime, you know? This young man is here for a reason.
Darakei: Yes. So you will have to go to the neighbouring kingdom, the kingdom of Deracus, a man named Mickaël Stephan has been stealing from nearly five thousand people for nearly ten years by making them sign an investment contract for ten thousand dollars. We found his trace in this kingdom. We need two things. The list of all the names of the people he defrauded and how many and also that he get caught by the police, both by the police of the neighboring kingdom as the police of our kingdom. And important to say, we want him alive and without injuries understood?
Wamien : Very well understood, I will find this man without problems.
Darakei: Oh and you'll need to read this before you go. He slipped a flash drive to me. This USB key will allow you to cross the border and get all the information you need about Mr Stephan.
Wamien: Perfect. I turn my heels and walk out of the lab.

No one was holding me back. I just got out of the lab. Ah, the fresh air, I feel like it's been 300 years since I've breathed the fresh air. I quickly find myself in the city and head towards the border where I show the USB key, the guard checks it, hands it over to me and I cross the barrier. My mission has begun.