Chapter 4 - Training

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I wake up. My forearms are in your gauntlets of strength, preventing me from moving my fingers and wrists. I'm blindfolded, so I can't see around me. A few seconds later, after I wake up, I hear footsteps approaching me.

Darakei: Did we try to escape, Mr. Wamien?
Wamien: Let me go.
Darakei : No need to be so aggressive, we want to teach you how to use your body well to fight for us.
Wamien : Why do you want me to fight for you?
Darakei : That's kind of why we changed you for your role in our society.
Wamien : What role would I have?
Darakei: A kind of mercenary.
Wamien : I see... And how do I finish my studies?
Darakei : When you are not on a mission, you can live normally, but if you are asked, you must be available. Night and day.
Wamien : Okay, I get it. Can I have the gauntlets removed, please?

He approached to untie me, leaving me free of all movements. I smile, stretch my legs and arms. He showed me around the laboratory, the meeting room to write my reports in return for missions. The pool to swim and relax, the spa, the repair room if my body is damaged during missions. And the famous training room. A masterpiece of robotic and scientific technology. Weapons of all kinds came into the depots, handguns, firearms, knives, protective equipment and any other gadgets being made. I didn't really want to leave this room, Darakei certainly could feel it. He offered to stay there for a while and train there. What I accepted curious to analyze the functioning of all this arsenal.

I start by looking at the grenades that are presented to me, there are grenades of many kinds, smokes, flashes, semtex, normal grenades, sticky grenades that send a curtain of glue that spreads everywhere, despite all these possibilities, flash grenades are my favorites.

I switch to long range weapons, snipers of all kinds with a multiple number of mounting possibilities. After reflection the sniper with a zoom of 500% and a silencer seems to me the most advantageous in multiple situation.

Now the guns. Machine gun: too much noise. Shotgun: we must be too close. I pass them all one by one and end up keeping a simple pistol. I add a charger which can have three times more ammunition and I add a silencer always as practical.

For the weapons small range weapons, there are so many that I could not enumerate them all, the American glove remains the most suitable and will be easily integrated into my fist. The 15 cm daggers are fabulous and very very easy to send to the targets.

Finally, the knife weapons, swords, swords of all kinds, the one I like the most is a sword that may or may not be reflective to blind the enemy. On the card, I could read that the tip of the blade is titanium. On the other hand, there is a small unpleasant imbalance due to the fact that titanium is heavier than the handle which can be tiring quite quickly. I also suggested adding an equivalent weight to the handle to have a better balance between the blade and the handle.