Chapter 3 - The escape

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The man smiled and backed out of the room with other scientists. Leaving me in the company of the ten or so guards somewhat stressed by my performance just before. I try to sit down, but two guards start screaming at me to stay down, I see that some had their hands on their gun, ready to shoot in the worst case. I can move my hands, I start to feel the texture of the sheet and my skin, so to speak, I knew it wasn't my skin, but it is now. I take a long sigh and close my eyes.

Guard 1: You think he has guns in his arm?
Guard 2: Mr. Darakei said yes, but he will activate them later, replied in the same tone another guard nearby.

I think it might be fun to see if it's activatable by myself. I concentrate and feel systems activate in my arm. I hear screams from the guards to my left screaming and backing up, demanding that I put this away. I open my eyes and raise my head a little to see a gun that came out of my forearm. I smile and put it away, to the guards' great sigh.

Wamien: What are your names, guys?
Guard 1: Shut up, you don't need to talk.

I sigh and shut up. I think I could kill them all and get the hell out of here. Might as well put words before deeds.

Wamien : You know when I could get out of here? Not because you're bad company, huh?
Guard 2: We told you to shut up and not you won't get out of here!
Wamien: Then I'll get out of here by myself.

I suddenly break the bed bars and the straps that kept me in place.

The guards cried out as they took their weapons into their hands. I pull two guns out of my arms and start shooting them in the head one after the other. The guards shooting at me a few times, not smelling the bullets from the guns. I jump on two guards who enter the room to hit their heads and leave the room that kept me prisoner. I see three guards on each side of me getting into firing positions. I smile and close my eyes, concentrate on the men's weapons and take them apart into small pieces.

Wamien: Get out of my way, guys, if you want to live.

Two guards to my left are running towards me. I place myself in position, having within me the knowledge of several martial arts. The first guard arrives nearby, ready to strike with his left fist. I grab his wrist, pivot my feet slightly, the body of the guard lies on my back and I send him to the three guards who had started to advance towards me. The missile guard hits one of the guards and both remain on the ground. 2-0 for me. The second guard hits me in the back of the head. I rocked a little forward and grabbed onto his shirt and managed to punch him in the face and then let him go and see him end up in the wall. Two guards arrive close to me, giving rise to exchanges of blows between us, all three avoiding most blows. I end up knocking out one of them and the second one doesn't waste any time following his teammate. The two guards who were still present two minutes before left. Probably to warn Mr. Darakei. An alarm starts ringing throughout the complex.

Strangely, there was no one left in the corridors, I managed to find the way out. I walk towards the door and approach my hand to the metal bar. I hear a small "fssshhh" like an arrow or tranquilizer being shot. In the split second that follows, I feel a powerful electric shock traveling through my whole body. I pass out.