Chapter 22 – Intervention - part 1

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It's been a few days now that the former Black Eagles have been with us, all of them have decided to stay to support us, some afraid of their family's reaction to the image that the media carried about them when they were with the other group and others who decided to lead a better new life.

I was happy to know that I was not the only one with powers and using them to do good and not evil like the Black Eagles or certainly other groups that are still in the shadows. It's evening, around 23:00, I think I'm the only one still awake. I look at Darakei's lab reports remotely, I have ghost access as one might say, they don't know I'm there because I ask the computer to give me the information and it gives it to me without problems. From what I can observe, he has found several male and female subjects in whom he will be able to experiment. I notice the sound of a vehicle approaching on the gravel road, concentrating a little, I hear a second, then a third. They are several to pass, I go near the window of the corridor and see several vehicles, six armoured vans and four civilian cars. They are several men, I will quickly wake the others. The police or I don't know which task force is attacking us.

Wamien: Everybody up, the police are here! Everybody get up quick!

Smoke is sent through the windows, the smoke is a kind of red and not grey as it should be to something different.

Hiro comes out of his room waving his arms to see something.

Hiro: What is this smoke!

We can hear the door downstairs getting kicked in and men coming into the house.

Wamien: Hiro and Tim! Don't let them up!

Tim comes out of his room, he's all skinny.

Tim: What the hell is that?
Wamien: That... that neutralizes our powers!

I can't feel my arm or my left leg. I fall against a wall.

Clara: Wamien! What's going on?!
Wamien: I-I can't control my body... I'm paralyzed.
Hiro: Wamien!

Hiro receives a dart and falls to the ground, he sleeps.

Wamien: Get out of sight! It's sleeping pills!

Everyone who came out of their rooms goes back, the men shoot a dart into my arm, but it bounces back as if nothing had happened. They're trying to get into the rooms. I hear my friends screaming in fear and some are fighting to protect themselves. A man puts my face on the ground and seems to move my arms, he handcuffs me. He tries to get me up and get me on my feet without success.

Wamien: It is useless, my body is no longer functional.

He's staring at me. He's probably wondering why I can't sleep. He turns to two other guards and says, "Take him to van one! We have cyborg." So they know what we are. The two guards take me in their arms.

Guard 1: He's fucking heavy!
Guard 2: It's metal, I remember you.
Wamien: I confirm, wait until I am no longer in this state and you will have to deal with me!
Guard 1: Don't worry, we'll put on a nice little mask so you stay like this.

I try to see my friends and find out what's happening to them.

Wamien: Leave my friends alone if it's only me you want!
Guard 2: We have orders to put you all in controlled cells.
Wamien: Whose order?
Guard 1: You don't have to know.

They start to take me down the stairs and then go to the exit door where someone was waiting with a gas mask. The two guards approach me as he looks at me trying to place the mask on my face.

Wamien: No! Stop it! Stop it! What the hell is that? Get your hands off me!

I can only move my eyes and mouth. So he puts the force mask on my face. There's the little smoke that neutralizes our powers, a way to keep you in control.

They take me out and direct me to the first van. They really intend to lock us all up in cells, back to where we started. I have the short opportunity to see my friends start going out, they were all sleeping and they all had a gas mask like mine. Whoever's behind this is gonna pay if they don't have a valid explanation. A guard close to me is talking on the phone.

Guard 3: Yes, all are asleep, except the cyborg which resists the sleeping pill. Despite all his body is inactive, so he won't pose any problem. No, don't warn Mr Drumel that we took his subjects, he'll want them back... I know that the SIAM is higher than his company... Warn him only if you have no choice.

I wonder what SIAM is. They put me in the van and then they put Sarah, Louann and Sam, who no longer had his wings, in the van. They tie us to our legs and hands to bars, get out of the vehicle and close the two big doors.

Wamien: Friends... friends, wake up...

Total silence, the sleeping pills are still working. The vehicle begins to move. They took all of us.