Chapter 21 – The awakenings

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The task was difficult, but we managed to bring back the eight members of the Black Eagles who were under Ray's control. We placed them in the kitchen and living room waiting for them to wake up.

Clara: We'll have to find another place to live, with Saeko who knows where we are we'll soon be attacked...
Wamien: Too bad Isao couldn't do it.
Clara: The one who controls memories, yeah.

We hear noise coming from the kitchen. I'm going on the double.

Sam: Wow wow wow calm Hiro, we don't mean you any harm, calm down.

Hiro had made his sword appear and aimed at Sam with it.

Wamien: Hiro, relax, we're your friends.
Hiro: The Black Eagles are not friends.
Wamien: We're not, we took you and your friends out of Ray's influence, the one who took your control and used you like everyone else here.
Hiro: Hm, okay.

He made his weapon disappear and put a hand on his head.

Wamien: Are you going to be okay? It must feel strange for you to come to your senses.
Hiro: Yeah, but who are you?
Wamien: I am Wamien, Wamien Mata, the leader, if you will, of our group.
Hiro: And you?

He looks at Sam.

Sam: I'm Sam, a member of the band.

Hiro looks at Clara and looks at her with an almost charming smile.

Hiro: What's your little name?
Clara: Cla... Clara, I'm a healer.
Hiro: We're delighted
Wamien: You can visit the place or go to rest in one of the rooms upstairs if there is no name at the door.
Clara: It will miss three rooms, see four on the twins do not sleep in the same room...
Wamien: We'll get organized or we'll be a team, we'll build another house across the street or we'll build a third floor.
Clara: Hm, yeah, okay.

She smiles a little. Hiro was looking at us a little weird that Clara holding my hand was bothering him.

Louann: Wam! Theo and Jack are waking up!
Wamien: I'm on my way. Clara's showing him around. Sam, please watch the others wake up.
Sam and Clara: Okay. All right.

I go back to the living room and say hello to the two young men.

Wamien: Hello Theo, hello Jack.
Theo: B... Good morning.
Jack: Hello.
Wamien: I introduce myself, I'm Wamien, you've been under the influence of Ray, a member of the Black Eagles. We got you out of there, you can rest or stay close to those who will wake up.
Theo: I would stay with Sarah and Sandrine...
Jack: They're dangerous, thanks for getting us out of there.
Wamien: You're welcome and okay, Theo.

Sarah or Sandrine makes a little sound like they're waking up.

Sam: Wamien, Gaïa wakes up.
Wamien: Explain to her what is happening, here too it is waking up.
Sam: Okay.

I go to the one that wakes up.

Wamien: Hello Sa... Sandrine?
Sarah: No, I'm Sarah.

She rubbed her eyes and watched her sister sleep.

Sarah: Sandrine... Sandrine wake up...
Wamien: Don't rush each other, you've been under the influence of one of the Black Eagles for a period of time we don't know. You may have a severe headache.
Sarah: I don't care, I want to be near my sister.

I look at Louann and wave to her to explain to them once Sandrine is going to be awake. She nods at me with a smile. I got up and went back into the kitchen to see those who had woken up. The last three are awake, Mary, Gaia and Isao.

Wamien: Hello to you three, I'm Wamien Mata. Leader of a group that pulled you out of the Black Eagles' grip. Ray, one of the members of that group controlled you and used you for your powers. You can stay with us to rest, you may have a headache, but first we'll take you to the living room to introduce everyone.

We all meet in the living room, the old Black Eagles sit on the couches and the members of my group standing in front of them.

Wamien: Everyone is there, so I represent myself I am Wamien, I have the power to maintain a connection with electronic devices as I am partly composed of robotic parts. In the order to my left is Sam who can fly, Kameron who can generate fire, Kémyann who can cross matter, Thalie who can transform her body into liquid, Clara who can heal wounds, Alexis who can do telekinesis, Louann who can control water, Tim who has the strength of several men, Bailey who controls electricity and Tiana who has hyperflexibility. We welcome the twins Sarah and Sandrine who know how to create explosions, Marie who can know if one is lying or not, Hiro who can invoke weapons, Théo who can control electricity, Gaïa who can control plants, Jack who can become invisible and Isao who can manipulate people's memories.
Clara: There's not enough room for all of us, but we're going to arrange for everyone to have their room. Then when you have recovered your strength, you can return home if you wish.
Kémyann: I'll sleep in Kameron's room if it can clear someone's place.
Clara: Good idea, I'll sleep with Wamien.

Sam takes Tiana's hand and looks at her.

Tiana: Sam and I will sleep in the same room.
Sandrine: I would sleep in my sister's room if we could have a second bed.
Wamien: There will be another one.
Clara: Perfect, so everyone has their own room.