Chapter 20 – Betrayal

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On the evening of the same day, I gradually wake up tied from head to foot with a blindfold over my eyes and a gag in my mouth. What's going on? Why am I tied up like this and by whom? I hear laughter coming from in front of me, I activate my thermal vision. I'm trying to move. I can't move. I'm fidgeting like a sausage.

Unknown: Quiet Wamien. We're not gonna eat you.
Saeko: He doesn't know where he is, that's normal, Drake.

Saeko, is she behind this? Why is she doing this? She took me to the Black Eagles, why?

Drake: Hm, I knew you'd make a good Black Eagles.
Saeko: It wasn't enough to just take him, was it? What are you gonna do to him next?
Drake: Take possession of his powers and will.

Will? Why take my will?

Saeko: What will it take?
Drake: Come on, Ray's coming this way.

I hear footsteps approaching.

Unknown: I'm ready Drake, you can remove the blindfold.

I feel hands slipping behind my head and untie the bandage knot. I close my eyes because of the intense light of the place and gradually open them afterwards. Saeko is on Drake's right and holds his hand with a smile. The traitor... I look at Drake, a little smaller than me, but he has a victorious smile in front of me. Ray stands in front of me and places his hands on my eardrums, he starts to talk but I don't understand anything. I stare at him and watch what he does. I can feel it, he's trying to get inside my head to control me. I close my eyes and let him into part of my head. He stops talking for a moment and takes his hands off.

Ray: There, he's under my control, we're safe now.

I open my eyes, Drake smiles like he just got a new toy.

Drake: Then we can untie him.

Ray starts to untie me, he wants me to get out of the ropes and sit in a chair. I do it without arguing, always pretending nothing.

Saeko: It's as easy as that his mind control thing, wow.
Drake: Except you, only Ray and Kellan share my ideas, all the others are under Ray's control.
Ray: And I can control as many people as I want.
Saeko: Nice~
Drake: Yeah and then soon we're going to rob the Royal Bank, we needed someone to unlock the safe.
Saeko: Why so much money?
Drake: Recruiting people, mercenaries to do the ungrateful tasks.
Saeko: It's still more fun to beat up two or three people.

A scream can be heard on the other side of the wall and someone knocks inside.

Drake: What's going on?

At the second blow, the wall shatters and I can recognize Tim's figure breathing quickly. Other slightly smaller silhouettes enter the room despite the dust.

Immediately Gaia and Hiro enter the room through a door at the other end. Hiro invokes two swords and Gaia begins to grow his vines.

Drake: No! Let Wamien take care of his friends. It can be fun.

Ray wants me to get up and hit Tim. I get up and look at Tim, put me in a fighting position. When he tells me to run and hit him, I take the taser out of my forearm and electrocute Ray who releases everyone under his control. Drake doesn't understand, his mouth is open and he's getting back nervous. Gaia and Hiro pass out a little after Ray.

Saeko: Fuck you! You faked it!

She was red with anger and pointed at me.

Wamien: Alexis! Stop Drake and Saeko from moving!
Alexis: Right now!

He points his hands at both targets and raises them. Drake starts moving faster and faster to try to free himself from Alexis' grip.

Wamien: Put him over the void, we'll see if he's still being smart.

Alexis executes my advises and Drake finds himself above the void. He stops moving sharp. Tim and Kellan started fighting, it's a titanic fight, the room vibrates with each exchange of blows. Louann sends water to Kellan and then orders Tim to step back, which he does by understanding the idea. Bailey was next to Louann and sends a powerful electric shock to Kellan who falls heavily on the floor of the apartment.

Drake falls having managed to get out of Alexis' grip.

Saeko: Drake no!!

Alexis and I turn our heads towards the window. Alexis seems to have taken a blow in a fraction of a second in a wall to end up on the floor. Alexis unconscious, Saeko free to move. Drake is close to where Alexis was Saeko is standing next to him.

Saeko: We're going to party for them.

Alexis and I turn our heads towards the window. Alexis seems to have taken a blow in a fraction of a second in a wall to end up on the floor. Alexis unconscious, Saeko free to move. Drake is close to where Alexis was Saeko is standing next to him.

Saeko: We're going to party with them.

She cracks her fingers and approaches me. Clara goes to Alexis to treat him. I see Kemyanne coming out of the ground behind Drake, grabbing his feet and sinking him into the floor like moving sand would. She stops once it gets to the shoulders and wrists.

Drake: Wow!

Saeko tries to hit me, I block her, her blow was really strong that I had felt something break in my arm. With my other forearm and hits her in the stomach with my fist. She steps back a little and looks at me. I knew she was distant, but to the point of being a traitor, I can't believe it yet. She starts coming towards me again and makes me a brush, I fall on my back and she places her foot on my throat to press harder and harder. I can no longer breathe and I place my hands on her foot to try to remove it.

Saeko: So stop just because you survived...

Tim runs at her and tackle her against the wall. Saeko takes the shock by pushing a groan of pain. Clara is coming to me.

Clara: Slowly, she broke something in your arm.

I cough to try to regain normal breathing.

Wamien: I know, Clara.

Drake manages to break the ground around him and get up, Tim gets hit and then Saeko, Kellan and Ray disappear.

Wamien: They... they left?
Clara: Yeah, but he left behind everyone Ray controlled.
Wamien: We go back to the country with them.