Chapter 22 – Intervention - part 2

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Sam wakes up first.

Sam: We... where are we?
Wamien: In a van. SIAM captured us.
Sam: The SIAM? What is that? Wamien: No idea, I heard a guard talking to someone on the phone, he seemed to say that was the name of the group that had us. I understand Darakei Drumel knows nothing about this.

Sam looks around while I talk to him.

Sam: Where are the others?
Wamien: Probably in the other vans, but I hope they're okay.
Sam: Louann wakes up.
Louann: Hm? I heard my name...

She hardly lifts her head and looks at us, she looks around.

Louann: What are we in here?
Wamien: A van, I'll explain when Marie's awake.
Louann: Hm, okay, Marie, groundhog, wake up!

Marie does not react, seriously she sleeps h24 this one.

Louann: Marie!!!

A guard knocks in the front.

Guard 1: Hey oh! Shut up!
Marie: Huh? What's going on?

She's watching us question.

Wamien: We are in a van, a group under the name of SIAM attacked us and captured us.
Marie: I've heard about SIAM. This is the Anti-Mutant Intervention Service. They tried to come to my house, then the Black Eagles came and then nothing.

The vehicle stops and guards are heard getting out of the vehicle and moving towards the rear of the van. The doors open and guards enter the van to get us out, they had taken out a chair for me since I still have my gas mask, I can't move at all. They let us into a building, we're in a parking lot because of the smell. The guards move my friends forward, we're all here, all 19 of us. The walls are pure white.

Tim: I can't wait to stain all his walls with blood!

A guard patted him on the back.

Guard 1: Shut up! You're not gonna do anything.
Tim: Oh if you knew, if I didn't have that thing on my mouth.

I think I can resist that, it's just gas, if I hold my breath long enough, the gas will stop working, but if it lasts too long, they'll find out. Might as well try. I'm starting to hold my breath. After a few seconds, I feel my arms and legs reactivating, I start breathing slowly again. They didn't realize anything. They make us all sit on chairs and handcuff us like we were in the van.

A man comes into the room a little after the guards have tied us all up.

Man: Hello to you all, sorry to have woken you up so late at night. I am Bruno Maes, president of SIAM, you are here because you are threats. Your genes were activated too early for your body.
Wamien: Threats? And then we control our powers.
Bruno: That's the problem. It doesn't matter if you have control over your powers or not. You are mistakes of nature...
Hiro: Error yourself! You little prick!

Bruno smiled, he seemed to like this kind of provocation.

Bruno: Let's calm down, young man, so I was saying you're nature's mistakes, but! You have a chance to recover and live in peace.
Wamien: What is it? What is it?
Bruno: Well...
Hiro: Don't listen to him! He'll use us like slaves!

Everybody's watching Hiro.

Wamien: Is that true, Mr. Maes?
Bruno: Of course not, it's ridiculous.

I hold my breath until my body starts to obey me again and deactivates my mask, the gas stops coming out and I start breathing again. I'm ready to attack if there's ever an opportunity.

A man comes in with a phone in his hand, hands it to Bruno.

Bruno: Yeah? No, you don't have to come. My guards won't let you into the compound. What do you mean, you're already here?

I concentrate and listen to what the phone says. "A special agent is already in your compound. His goal is to get Wamien and his group out. So you have two options, either you let them out without any problem, otherwise I organize myself so that your group has no more rights on the kingdom and the surroundings."

Bruno: You have no influence on the laws of the kingdom, Mr. Drumel.

Most of my friends, especially those who have been imprisoned, turn to me.

Darakei: You forget the position my wife holds?
Bruno: Oh, I um, no I know. I'm getting them out.
Darakei: Perfect, that we can always find a point of agreement.

The line's cut, Darakei hung up. Bruno turns to us and then looks at a guard who appears to be the leader.

Bruno: Close all the doors in this room and check the identity of everyone who wants to enter.
Guard: Got it, sir!

He waved to the guards who stood at the various doors to change the locking mode. I trust the agent here.