Chapter 9 - The Data key

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After the little night with the boys. I'm going back to my room to relax. I lie down in my bed and look at the flash drive Tom gave me. "What could it possibly contain? Any information on the establishment? No, it would not be serious... Maybe data on test subjects? No better! The cell passwords! It would be really great if Tom found this. I'll see about that now!"

I turn my pelvis a little, raise my legs in the air and lower them, giving me an impetus to sit down in my bed and get up. At the same time, two guards enter my room.

The right guard: Wamien!
Wamien : Yeah?
The guard on the left: Come with us now.
Wamien : Uh, yeah, I follow you, did I do something wrong?
The right guard: Exit without permission, cooperates and everything will be fine.
Wamien : I didn't leave my room.
The right guard: Some subjects saw you walking around, don't try to lie.
Wamien : I didn't leave my room, but I'm following you...

I get up from my bed and approach the guards. "Fuck that the urge to kill them is strong. But if I do that, I sure get killed soon after." I do nothing and follow them, hands in pockets. We're headed to Darakei's office, I think. Who could have warned the guards? I'm gonna get yelled at for sure. Anyway, we're getting close to his office. The guard on my left opens the door and signals me to come in. I come in and they close the door behind me. I turn around and knock on the door.

Wamien : Hé oh! Guys! What's all this about?

I knock on the door hoping to demolish it, without success. I turn around and put my eyes into x-ray. The room is empty and there is no light. They put me in isolation, damn it. I pull out my gun and back up a little. Shoot three bullets, see if it does anything. Nothing, no damage to the damn door. I look around, no camera, no reflective glass, like in interrogation rooms. I'm really in a damn isolation room. I lean against the wall and look at the flash drive and plug it into my arm.

There were pictures and notes. Curious I look at some pictures, plans, photos of some pieces. Looking at all the pictures, there are some that are kinds of metal armors, some very solid and some very mobile. So the flash drive contains parts and armor drawings for me. I couldn't copy all that information. So I wait in silence in this room.

A few hours later, the door opens. I get up quickly and move back, the light blinding me.

Darakei: So you learned your lesson? You stay in your room and come out when you have permission, is that clear?
Wamien : Yeah...

I'm worse than a beaten dog, one day I'll kill him, one day...

Darakei: Go back to your room without pissing anybody off? And give me that flash drive, Wamien.
Wamien : My intention was not to keep it, I found it.

I hand it to him and he takes it.

Darakei: Say instead that subject 421 gave it to you. We're already working on his case.
Wamien : Wait what?

Darakei's silhouette turned back into the light and gone. Two guards seem to enter the room and take me back to my room.