Chapter 10 - Éléa

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Once the guards took me back to my room, I noticed that my computer had been removed. Seriously, wasn't locking me in an isolation room enough? Did they really have to take my computer away? I'll end up killing someone! As soon as I see Darakei again, I kill him, I decapitate him, I open his body and I remove all his organs! I clench my fists. I need to calm down. Inspire... Expires... Inspire... Expires... It's not good for my body if I get too upset. I look towards my bedroom door and put my hand on the door.

Wamien: I want to get out of here.
Female voice: Can I help you if you want?
Wamien: Who? How?

I look around, I was alone in my room and the voice can't come from the hallway.

Éléa: I am Éléa, I have the power to become invisible.
Wamien: Hum, okay? But how do you want to help me? I can't be invisible too...
Éléa: I know the building by heart, I can drive you to the exit hiding the cameras without any problem.
Wamien: I, I don't know what to say.
Éléa: Saying thank you would be a good start.
Wamien: Thank you very much, shall we go?
Éléa: Give me five minutes, I'll come back for you.
Wamien: Okay.

The door undulates a bit as if something passes through it and then it becomes normal again. Someone came to my rescue. The door opens a little. I walk up to it and open it a little.

Éléa: The coast is clear, follow me.
Wamien: I don't see you, you know?
Éléa: You have thermal vision, right?
Wamien: Uh, yeah, sorry.

I activate my thermal vision and follow her. At the turn, she signals me to stop. She's looking across the hall.

Éléa: I'll cover the surveillance camera, I'll be right behind me.
Wamien: Upper left or right side camera?
Éléa: Right why?

I stand against the wall and pass my little finger over the edge of the wall and pull a jammer nearby. Small electric arcs appear around the camera and then it goes down, broken.

Wamien: That's why, let's go.
Éléa: Stay behind me anyway...

She takes me through the most insignificant corridors of the whole building and we end up at the service exit door. She opens the door and comes out, I follow her. She closes the door behind me.

Wamien: And my friends? Tom, Sam, Tiana? What are they gonna do without me?
Éléa: I Heum, I can't help that... I'm sorry. Find yourself a place to live outside the kingdom and avoid everyone, oh! And...

She took out a small device which she placed around my wrist. She pushed a button and I felt an electric shock run through my wrist.

Wamien: What did you just do?
Éléa: I just toasted the GPS they put in your wrist. Now you have to go.
Wamien: To go where? You... you can't put me up for a few days.
Éléa: No, I'm sorry, I can't afford to put anyone up, and I have my reasons.
Wamien: Ah, Heum, I see. All right, well, thanks, Éléa, take care.
Éléa: Thank you too Wamien, I hope to see you again one day.

She left and I put my eyes back in normal mode. She is strange... Looks like she's not one of Darakei's experiments, but who could she be? I think back for a moment to Clara who had told me to come back to see her if anything ever happened. Yet that was three months ago. I hope she remembers me at least. I look at the lab and think back to my friends that I don't know if I'll ever see them again.

An alarm is triggered. They probably saw I was missing. I start running to the next kingdom. I walk past people and mix very easily with the crowd despite my simple clothes. I go to a phone booth, I take out the little paper Clara had given me, I dial her phone number and it rings.

Clara: Hello?