Chapter 7 - The datas

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Once back in the lab with Mikhaël thanks to Darakei's men. I go to my room and take out the piece of paper Clara gave me. I wonder if I have the right to go out for anything other than missions... why I ask myself this question, of course not. I'm just a tool for them... anyway, I want to eat. I get up from my bed and go out of the room, two guards are there and one seemed to go knocking at the door.

Guard 1: Oh, we are going to ask you a question.
Wamien : Say...
Guard 1: We need you to decrypt the data Mr. Stephan had in his possession.
Wamien : Can I eat something first?
Guard 1: Heum, you should ask Mr Drumel first.
Wamien : Drumel? Who is that? Darakei?
Guard 1: Heum yes Darakei it is his first name...
Wamien : I'm going to go set up and decrypt your stuff... but I want to have something to eat.
Guard 1: We'll see later...

I sigh slightly, Darakei Drumel, strangely, that last name rings a bell. The two guards take me to the computer room. I sat in front of a computer and connected to it, there were some hard disks and five USB keys stored in bags, they are those of Mikhaël Stephan.

Wamien : Good at work...
Darakei: Wamien?
Wamien : Yes?
Darakei: Someone will bring you food, but don't eat too much okay?
Wamien : Heum agreed.
Darakei: Oh and Wamien.
Wamien : Yes?
Darakei : Congratulations on your mission, I hope you're not disappointed to have had more challenges.
Wamien : It's okay...

He smiled and left. Indeed, a young woman brought me food, she was small and had black hair like coal. She puts a meal tray on the corner of the table and leaves. She's so beautiful, I should have asked her name. I shake my head negatively. No, she knows me and she knows what I am. I start with the hard drive of Mikhaël's computer. After two hours, it is finally decrypted.

Wamien: A good thing done, the other disks now.

I install the other disks and USB sticks and spend another four hours there. It must be 23 hours. I can no longer hear the scientists passing by me or just walking down the hall. I get up, my gears crack. Something must be misplaced. I feel it in my back when I move my hips. I'm going back to my room, finally I haven't even eaten. I'm not hungry anymore. I will lie down and slowly open my back to try to remove the part that was unhooked. I take it out and throw it across the room.

Wamien : Why me? Why do I have to go through all this? Why didn't I die? Instead of living like this? My parents, if I have any... where are they? What are they doing? Why don't they come get me?

I close my eyes to these thoughts and pretend to sleep, think nothing more. Go brain dreams a little to see me in a better world...