Chapter 5 – The attack

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Flynn: Good! Everything ready, boys?
Yuu : All set, boss.
Flynn: All right, then let's go!

Renji makes a sword appear and smashes the glass of the entrance door of the SIAM, as soon as the doors are broken, the alarm is heard. The Legion entered the building, Flynn first followed closely by Yuu and Kyna, his two sisters. Suna, Kaya and Renji go to the right. Jon, Gwen and Hug go to the left. Hug is already beginning his transformation, a muzzle is forming on his face, claws are growing along his fingers, hair is growing to form a coat of brown fur, a tail is growing from the end of his spine, he had turned into a werewolf. The guards take out their weapons and start firing on the group. Jon protects the group by stretching himself to create a protective shield. Yuu raises her arms a little, the shadow of the guards rises slowly along their bodies and once at neck height, they start to choke, the shots stop. Kyna advances and sends ice projectiles that eliminate the guards still alive.

The group advances into the installation of the SIAM, Suna, a young girl about 15 years old goes towards the monitor and puts her hand on the screen that flickers and turns off at the same time as all the electricity in the complex, Suna also makes sure to break the emergency generator. The SIAM finds itself in the dark, increasing Yuu's power and Hug and Gwen's ease of movement, the group splits into three and goes in search of those they had come for. Bruno was in his office giving orders from the talky walky guards, but fewer and fewer of them answered the call.

Kaya arrives behind a guard and approaches her lips from the man's ear and whispers those five words to him: "Where are the Black Eagles~". The guard starts shaking a little.

The guard: F... floor -3... S... Sector 4...
Kaya : Thank you very much~

Kaya passes her hands over man's cheeks and begins to draw out the vital energy he possessed. The guard screams horribly and falls to the ground, dead and lifeless. Kaya laughs a little, it amused her to do that.

Kaya: Floor -3 Sector 4, boss.
Flynn: Delta team, go ahead. Beta team, take care of the other floors. And we're going to go see the president of SIAM and slip him a word or two.

Hug, Gwen and Jon, the delta team, are heading for the elevators. Hug forces the metal doors open with his strength. Jon places his feet around metal bars, and stretches to floor -3. Hug jumps from wall to wall and opens the doors of the floor as Gwen descends along Jon's body.

Suna, Kaya and Renji, the beta team moves to the upper floor and all guards and employees on the floors are eliminated. Suna is about to kill an employee who was screaming in fear as she crawled across the floor trying to escape. A wave hits Suna and throws her against a wall.

Suna: Fuck! What the hell is that?!

A man walks towards her, arm extended towards Suna. Suna looks at the man, angry. Renji stands up, ready to cut off his arms.

Kaya: Renji waits a little~ I have an idea~
Renji: He is hurting Suna...
Kaya: Wait, I'm telling you.

The man turns to Kaya and points his other hand at them. Kaya hides behind a piece of furniture and Renji flies back to the ground.

Man: Get out of here or I will kill you without hesitation!
Kaya: We came here for a good reason and know that we do not intend to leave without having fulfilled our objective~ Go leave my friends alone~

The man gently drops his arms and stops using his power. Kaya comes out of hiding and approaches him. She passes her index finger over the torso of the man a little older than her.

Kaya: So, handsome, do you want to stay alive or die?
Man: S... stay alive?
Kaya: That's good, you know why I asked you the question and I didn't ask the others?
Man: N... no...
Kaya : Well it's simple, you have a power and we want you to join us in exterminating humans.
Man: N... no, no... no way.
Kaya: Just to say that if you don't come with us, we will kill you~

Renji places his sword on the edge of the man's throat who starts to shake a little.

Man: If... if I come, what should I... do?
Kaya: We'll treat you equally and you can do whatever you like as long as you stay on our side.

Meanwhile, the alpha team, Flynn, Yuu and Kyna enter the office of Bruno, president of SIAM. Bruno points his gun at Flynn, ready to fire.

Bruno: Don't move or I'll shoot!

Flynn smiles and makes a small gesture with his hand and immediately the weapon becomes liquid and wraps around Bruno's wrists to form handcuffs.

Flynn : Don't worry Bruno, we've just come to get ours and destroy your small organization.
Bruno: I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you.

Kyna smiles and makes ice appear on Bruno's legs and pushes him down. Bruno tries to defend himself, but his fists and feet are tied.

Yuu : Can I kill him? Please~
Flynn: Have fun, little sister.

Flynn leaves the office with Kyna. Yuu takes a pair of scissors and approaches the throat to Bruno who howls in pain when Yuu opens his throat. Yuu throws the scissors a little further and leaves the room smiling.

Flynn : Well, let's see where the beta team is.