Chapter 13 – Rebellion - part 1

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A few days later, still at Clara's

Clara started calling me "Honey", it pisses me off, but as it's a little affectionate nickname, I deal with it.

Wamien: Clara, what do you want for dinner?
Clara: Whatever you want, honey!

I sigh without her hearing me and make macaroni and cheese. She comes to the table without a word. When dinner is ready, I hand out the portions and sit down.

Wamien: I miss my friends.
Clara: I have no doubt about that. You must miss Tiana...
Wamien: Sam and Tom too.
Clara: Yeah, them too.

She eats and lowers her head a little, she seems to blush.

Wamien: You okay?

I lean my head a little to try to regain eye contact. She lifts her head and smiles gently.

Clara: Yeah, I'm fine. Look, if you miss your friends, we should go get them.
Wamien: I agree, but how do we get them out of the lab? They are prisoners...
Clara: How did you get out the first time?
Wamien: A woman named Éléa helped me.
Clara: Éléa, that rings a bell.
Wamien: Do you know her?
Clara: Just the name is hum.

She closes her eyes, as if looking into her memory.

Clara: Éléa Drumel?
Wamien: Uh, you must be confused, the guy who was keeping me prisoner is Darakei Drumel.
Clara: No, no, that's right, Éléa Drumel, that's his wife.
Wamien: What?! That would explain why she knew the lab so well. But why just me? Um.
Clara: Maybe she doesn't think you deserve to be kept locked up? And also that your powers are stable, not like other people you've talked about, so you're not that dangerous.
Wamien: Me, not dangerous? I'm a war machine, baby, I know how dangerous I am!

She laughs. I seem to amuse her. She gets serious and finishes eating.

Clara: I wouldn't have room for your friends to live here, but I inherited a country house from my uncle. You can go live there.
Wamien: You! I love you! I love you!

I get up and come give her a hug. She laughs and hugs me.

Clara: Everything for you, sweetie.

I step back a little and smile at him gently.

Wamien: So we're going to Éléa's? Darakei spends every day in the lab at what I've seen, so there's little chance he's home.
Clara: I'll go see her and let you know if he's there.
Wamien: Perfect. Shall we go?
Clara: Yep.

We take our things and we go. We go to the next kingdom and we go to Éléa and Darakei. As we planned, Clara will ring the bell, I'll stay in the car and watch from a distance. A woman answers, maybe Éléa. Clara's talking to her, but I can't hear her. She points at the car and the two women look at me. Embarrassed, I make a small salute of the hand. Clara's waving at me. Then I join them.

Clara: So we want to free Wamien's friends.
Wamien: And since you know the lab very well, you could guide me.
Éléa: I could, but it's not going to be easy and then if you let yourself be seen, you don't know me, okay?
Wamien: Okay, but could I get the cell codes just in case?
Éléa: Of course.

She went through her pocket and took out a map. She hands it to me and I take it to put it in my trouser pocket.

Wamien: Thank you very much. And also why did you take me out of the lab?
Éléa: I have my reasons, but they are not bad, don't worry.

She smiles a little and takes her coat, hung in the entrance. I see some shoes on the floor, some smalls some tall. Clara and I are heading to Clara's car.

Éléa: Where are you going? We'll take my car, we'll have more room.
Clara: So I follow you, Wamien, are you going with Éléa?
Wamien: Yep.

We're splitting up. Éléa settles down and waits for Clara's signal before leaving. Clara puts the buzzer on for two seconds and we're on our way. The mini-convoy on the way to the lab where my friends and the other subjects are prisoners.