Chapter 12 - Truth

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It's about 6:00 in the morning when I hear Clara get up. I decide to get up too and go see her, as I open the door of my room, Clara is right in front of me about to knock.

Wamien: Oh hi.
Clara: Hi, I didn't think you were awake.
Wamien: I don't sleep much.

I smile. It is true that I sleep much less than before, I eat much less too.

Clara: When I sleep, I sleep like a baby.

She laughs, like an angel, her voice soft at all times. I'm blushing.

Clara: Oh here, a color on your skin. That's cute.
Wamien: Stop it, it's not intended.

We laugh for a moment. I lose my smile when I think I should tell him who I really am.

Wamien: Clara? I-I have something to tell you.

I look away and swallow my saliva. She smiles at me, she's so beautiful.

Clara: I think I know.
Wamien: Oh, really?
Clara: Yeah, just seeing you do it shows right away.

She slowly approaches me smiling.

Wamien: You know I'm a cyborg?

She changes her facial expression all of a sudden and moves back a little.

Clara: What are you? No, that's not possible.
Wamien: I'm a cyborg, I'm not 100% human like you.
Clara: H-how's that?
Wamien: I don't know. It is like that and that's it, I know I was human before, but I don't know what caused this change.
Clara: I... can I see?

I raise the sleeve of my t-shirt and lower the skin letting see the pieces and metal plates of my arm. Clara looks at it mouth open and approaches her hand.

Clara: Wow... And, and for your face.
Wamien: Just the right eye, the rest is human.
Clara: Oh, all right. I-I can touch?

I nod gently and she approaches her hand on the metal plates that make up my arm and I smile, happy to see that her reaction is not as negative as I would have thought.

Clara: Wamien?...
Wamien: Yes?
Clara: Did the people you were running from yesterday do this to you?
Wamien: Yes.
Clara: Why were you running from them?
Wamien: I'd better shut up. That's because I was in a lab where genetic experiments were done on humans to give them powers.
Clara: Powers? What kind?
Wamien: Flying, generating fire or ice, premonition, ultra flexible body, that sort of thing.
Clara: You wanna know my secret?
Wamien: Why?

Clara took a knife and opened her palm a little.

Wamien: Nah, you're crazy!

I don't realize right now that her skin is already closing in a little blue glow. She's capable of healing herself.

Clara: I can heal myself and others' wounds.

She blushes a little and turns her head down by biting her finger a little.

Wamien: How is that possible?
Clara: I don't know, but I've been able to do this since I was 15, five years ago.
Wamien: Is that why you work in a hospital?
Clara: And I don't know why, but I feel like I can feel when people have something special. Like you, I felt you had something special.

I smile and blush a little in front of all these revelations. She also blushes by raising her head a little towards me.

Wamien: You don't know the weight it takes away from me to know you're like me.
Clara: Yes.

She approaches slowly and huddles in my arms. I look at her and hold her gently against me. She lifts her head a little to look me in the eye.