Chapter 11 - Saeko the organizer

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We've been training Ray, me and Drake for three months with his power. He's getting stronger and stronger and seems to have more self-confidence.

With Drake, we were planning a small bank robbery, Ray did not know. I think he still lacks too much experience and Drake agrees.

Drake: So, during the day, there are between three and four security guards, armed, of course, as well as about ten employees. The director will either be in his office or at the reception centre.
Saeko: Exactly, I could try to follow him for a few days to have a little fun with him and get information from him.
Drake: Good idea, so we can get security codes if not uniforms.
Saeko: You want to do that undercover? I thought you wanted action and blood?
Drake: I'm sure I'm not against shooting a couple of people, but don't you think that if you want to steal money and steal it a few times, you should do it more discreetly?

I sigh and stretch as I look up at the ceiling. The idiot was right, if we want to do this in several places, we have to avoid wreaking havoc.

Saeko: Fuck it, I want to try to get information from him, see if I can set up accounts and in the meantime you rob their safe.
Drake: Sounds like a good place to start.
Saeko: So Ray doesn't do anything?
Drake: Not this time.
Saeko: He won't be happy, he keeps asking me when he can do something for us.
Drake: I've got it under control, don't worry.
Saeko: Um, okay.

I look him in the eye and smile a little. He stares at me.

Drake: What are you smiling about?
Saeko: We're going to make a lot of money~
Drake: Yep.

I'm smiling with my tooth out.

Saeko: Actually, I have another idea, but we won't get any money this time.
Drake: I disagree, we need money, but say it anyway. I am curious.
Saeko: Basically, either me or Ray, take control of a teller or a bank teller and have him or her set up a lot of accounts with cards and online access. We can make deposits that way.
Drake: Hm, that's the plan I had in mind.
Saeko: Are you serious or did you just make that up?
Drake: Serious.

I look him straight in the eye and I can feel his pulse is still steady, no sweat, nothing. I squint my eyes a little, I give him a killer look.

Drake: You know that look doesn't scare me anymore.
Saeko: Yeah, you're a pain in the ass.

Drake laughs a little and gets up.

Drake: So, I'll leave you to find the Director and get him in your good graces.
Saeko: Good, I just hope he's not too ugly.
Drake: You be the judge~

He shows me his picture, it's a guy in his forties or fifties with hair that's starting to turn grey, but in itself, it's clear that he's a handsome man who takes care of his appearance. I look up at Drake.

Saeko: It's okay, but this type of man definitely has a woman.
Drake: Many men's dreams.

He shows me another picture, the woman is none other than Tamara Surfen, a model since the age of 17, she's on the covers of the biggest fashion magazines, this woman is prettier than me, and she's 37 years old!

Saeko: Oh boy!
Drake: What's that? Do you know her?
Saeko: Not directly, but she's hot!
Drake: I didn't think you were interested in modeling.
Saeko: No, no, just that I've been seeing her everywhere since before you existed!
Drake: I'm not that young... Anyway, are you gonna be able to handle them or not?
Saeko: Well yeah! But it's going to be hard.
Drake: But you love a challenge.
Saeko: Yep!
Drake: So it's okay, you've got them.

I'm smiling, but I'm trying to contain myself, really, I'm glad I met her. We're still talking about some of the details of the plan. The more I think about it, the more I think it would be easier to use Ray's power.

I've been watching Frédérick Stannis for two days now, and he has relatively the same routine as far as I can see. When he leaves the bank, he goes to the gym, stays there for a good hour and a half before going home. He travels by car, so it's not particularly easy to get close to him in these cases. The only time I think I can get close to him is if I go to the training room, but I'm not especially happy about it, otherwise I intercept him when he goes back to his car. I think it'll be a good way to get him to look me in the eye.

I wait until the next day, when he leaves the office, he heads as usual to the training room. And stays there for his hour and a half, I didn't think he was that routine, it's borderline boring.

I'm going to stand near the door where he comes out, ready to bump into him and fall on his butt in clumsy idiot mode. I see the door open and he comes out with his gym bag, I walk towards him looking at my phone and as planned, I bump into him and grab his shirt a bit.

Saeko: Oh sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going.

I look up at him, trying to get his eyes.

Frédérick: Oh, that's okay, be careful anyway.

He looks me in the eye and I take him under my control. I smile and take a step back.

Saeko: Yes, I will be careful. Where were you going?
Frédérick: Home.
Saeko: Will you invite me? ~

I smile and turn my bust a little in front of him.

Frédérick: Yes, of course.

He goes to his vehicle and opens the door for me, I go in first, he closes the door and goes around to the driver. We tie ourselves up and he starts off to go to his house.

Saeko: So, what should I do with you?
Frederick: I don't know.
Saeko: How many bank accounts could you create that are discreet enough not to be spotted and with card access?
Frédérick : As many as I want, why?
Saeko: Oh you don't need to know.
Frédérick: Okay.
Saeko: Can we do it at your place?
Frédérick: No problem.
Saeko: Perfect!

I smile and rub my hands, my plan was going very well. Let's hope everything goes well when I face his wife. He is driving and I look at the road, chatting a little with him, I was taking information about the names of the guards, their wives and children, how many of them there were in the days and hours.

We ended up arriving in front of his house, a very beautiful house of at least 3 floors and several rooms, he obviously had 5 vintage cars and 2 civilian cars. I get out of his car and he comes and stands next to me and holds out his arm as if he wanted me to hold his arm. So I take his arm without holding it too tight and follow him. He takes out his keys to open the door. The door opens and his wife shows up in the hallway.

Tamara: Who's that girl? What's she doing hanging on your arm like that?
Saeko: It's ok, you don't have to worry about me.

I look into her eyes and signal her to go and wait in their room. She goes in without flinching and her husband comes in. He hadn't said anything and went to his laptop, which was probably lying around in his office. I follow him, smiling, and he settles down at her desk.

Frédérick: How many accounts do you need?
Saeko: Oh, I don't know... 200 is good, right?
Frédérick: Yes, what capacity?
Saeko: Medium and large, the more different they are, the more discreet it will be. And also high interest rates, but you can go in and withdraw money!
Frédérick: I do that.

It opens scripts and sends the orders for the 200 accounts with differences and different interest rates.

Frédérick: Need online access?
Saeko: Of course, also code deposits and so on.
Frédérick: When the accounts are created.
Saeko: Perfect that, too, I would like them not to be tracked~
Frédérick: Okay, but you'll have to identify yourself each time.
Saeko: It's not a problem~

Frederick finishes changing the accounts and looks at me.

Frédérick: All done. Do you need anything else?
Saeko: Yes, the list of all the accounts with their information and password. Actually I'm thinking about it, is it possible to put a company on them?
Frédérick: Yes, in what name?
Saeko: Oh I don't know... um...

I pat my chin looking around. I see a picture of an eagle that catches a snake in its claws and flies away with it. I turn to it.

Saeko: The Black Eagles will be the name.

Frederick writes on his computer and turns to me while several sheets are being printed.

Frédérick: That's it, it's modify and all the information on each account is being printed.
Saeko: You are too strong.

I stand behind him and bend over to bring my mouth close to his ear.

Saeko: Now, you go to your wife and have a great time together~
Frédérick: Understood.

He gets up and goes to his wife in their bedroom. I look at the papers and take them and put them in a pocket.

Saeko: I hope Drake will be proud of me... and not complain like a kid.