Chapter 21 - Public announcement

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That's it, because of the events in the city of Sosergalf, people are officially aware for new humans, hate messages quickly appear on social networks against these individuals, some say they have seen strange things to people they know or in neighbors' homes. Some try to defend new humans by saying that they are not all bad, reminding that two days ago, it was thanks to people with powers that most of those who were locked up managed to get out. The problem was that they were called freaks because they were defending the new humans.

I kept an eye on social networks while sighing, it hurts me to see so much hatred and aggressiveness. I am trying to coordinate the procedures the army was taking to trace the route the Legion had taken to Sosergalf. The vehicles were driving on the roads in a southerly direction. I look at the car cameras, like it's a movie. I'm sitting on the couch and Clara's taking me out of my concentration.

Clara: Waminou~ Waminou... Wamien Mata!

I look at her with big eyes, surprised.

Clara: You have to eat, Wamien, stop carrying the world on your back.
Wamien: I can't help it, I'm worried about us.
Clara: Our fate, between the two of us?
Wamien: No, our fate, the fate of the new humans.
Clara: Oh, indeed.
Wamien: I see so much hatred towards new humans, we are less than 0.01% of the world population.
Clara: I know Wamien, I know.

I sigh and put my hand through my hair. Clara's coming to take my hands.

Clara: There was nothing more you could do, you warned the people of the whole continent.
Wamien: I know, but this is something else, innocent people have died.
Clara: But new humans have saved humans, and that's not insignificant.
Wamien: I know that too... but.
Clara: But?
Wamien: But here we are all in danger, just as some humans, those who are afraid, will turn against each other.
Clara: Darakei's organizing a press release, I think he'll try to fix it.
Wamien: It's too late, the humans know about it, it'll change everything.
Clara: Wamien that's enough, you're going to take it upon yourself, I don't think The Guild would accept that their leader would be so afraid of public opinion about new humans.
Wamien: You're right.
Clara: And then you don't have a choice, what's done is done, now we have to move forward and stop The Legion, as well as the Black Eagles.

I get up from the couch, the army soldiers were in a suspicious place.

Wamien: Wait, Clara...

I blink and make what I see appear on the living room screen. Clara is watching with me. The soldiers were arriving near a warehouse. We see several metal beams rising in the air and starting to rush straight into the soldiers. We see that they are trying to turn around, but no vehicle is responding. We lose the image of a first camera, on a second camera we can clearly see that the tank has been compressed to make a big metal ball. We hear a laugh among the orders to evacuate the vehicles.

Wamien: That's Flynn, the one who knows how to control metal.
Clara: It's scary what he can do. He is killing several soldiers on his own.
Wamien: I know Clara, I see the same thing you do... If he can control the metal, he could control me and kill me immediately.
Clara: You stay away from this man, okay?
Wamien: He's no longer a man, he's a monster...

The carnage ends quickly, no way to know if anyone survived it, all the cameras were destroyed. I clench my fists, I see that Darakei's conference is about to begin.

Darakei gets on the pedestal that was installed for the occasion, several journalists were present and were already recording what was going to be said. Darakei coughs into her fist to clear her voice.

Darakei: My dear citizens of Giervia, because yes, I am speaking to the whole planet...

He spoke in Alferis, a language common to the whole planet, he clearly had an accent, but took his courage in both hands and continued despite everything.

Darakei: ... I know that the events in Sosergalf have brought to light two groups of individuals with powers, the two groups are the Black Eagles and The Legion, they are the ones behind this disaster and their picture are currently displayed behind me. As you may have heard or seen on social networks, they are not the only ones with powers, but not all those with powers are bad. In fact, I will try to be simple, all the inhabitants of our planet have a gene that I discovered, so it was named the Drumel gene. This gene defines the possibility that you will develop powers during present or future generations if the gene is active or latent.

The crowd is starting to scream, the fact that some individuals have powers clearly revolts the population. Darakei stops talking, interrupted by the protesters. We see him close his eyes and take a deep breath. Darakei opens her eyes just in time to avoid a bottle of water that had just been launched, he avoids it and continues his speech.

Darakei: Less than 0.01% of the world's population would have power, remaining a minority among the world's citizens.

A journalist raises his microphone to Darakei.

Journalist: Mr. Drumel, is it true that you would have powers?
Darakei: I can't answer that question in a spirit of neutrality. However, I can tell you that we have planned ways to stop people with powers and who want to use them for harmful purposes.

Another journalist raises his microphone to Darakei.

Journalist: So why haven't you stopped these individuals yet?
Darakei: There have been attenuating circumstances that have prevented us from protecting the population. I remember, however, that when the threat messages began, a young man quickly had the reflex to warn the population not to take this threat seriously and to ignore it. We tried to stop them, as best we could. A journalist: Is this group responsible for the collapse of a military building 4 months ago? Darakei: I regret to say that this is the case, they are responsible for this event. A journalist: Are they responsible for the explosion at the Jiamlot nuclear power plant? Darakei: No, they're not the ones responsible for this event, look, I can't answer for all the misdeeds of these two groups, what I can do is inform you of the danger these individuals represent and also inform you about the situation. A journalist: And what is this situation? Darakei: A situation I would have preferred to wait for before it was made public, the existence of new humans, but rest assured, we already know about new humans and GenCorp will work with governments to establish laws regarding new humans. That will be all.

Darakei turns around and opens a door to get out of the camera field. Soon the journalists on the spot began to talk and theorize about what Darakei had just announced.