Chapter 16 – Tracking

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During the night, Sam was sent to the next kingdom to try to find the Black Eagles. Tiana's worried about him.

Wamien: It's gonna be okay, you know? Sam's a big man and he loves to fly, you know that.
Tiana: I know, but I have a right to worry about my friend... right?
Wamien: Yes, but you don't have to walk around the manor.

Clara's back from work.

Clara: Yo people.
Wamien: Hi Clara.
Tiana: Hi.

Clara comes to give me a hug and gently smiles at Tiana who looks down.

Clara: Are you okay, Tiana?
Tiana: I'm worried about Sam.
Clara: Is he sick?
Wamien: No, he's gone on a scouting mission.
Clara: Where?
Wamien: Kingdom of Mahinu.
Clara: To do what?

She stares at me for a moment.

Wamien: He went to see where Black Eagles' headquarters are.
Clara: But are you crazy? He went off alone?
Wamien: No, I'm not crazy and yes he is alone, but I asked him to stay high enough or to stay on the roofs of buildings.
Clara: And you sent him a long time ago?
Wamien: He's on his way back to what I see on his mobile.
Clara: He's fine then...
Wamien: Of course! I'm not stupid either.
Clara: Anyway, I'm hungry...

Clara went to the kitchen a little angry at my decision, Tiana went to join her. I'll see how Kameron's research is going. Kameron was in front of his computer doing research, finding pictures or videos of gang members. He's also looking for the powers they may have. I'm going into his room.

Wamien: So, how's it going?
Kameron: Yeah, the chief is Drake, he can run at phenomenal speed. His second is Kellan, he has super strength, like Tim. There is a woman who controls plants, Ga... something, I can't read lips well, two twins who can create explosions, a guy who is elastic and others whose powers I haven't found yet, but they seem to be a dozen.
Wamien: Wow, excellent work Kameron.
Kameron: You're welcome, I'm useful for that and also for creating fire!

He laughs and does a mini-demonstration. I smile when I look at him.

Wamien: You can stop if you want, eat, sleep or I don't know, you've been doing this all morning.
Kameron: I'm fine Kémy takes care of bringing me food and water.

He smiles at me. These two get along well with what I've noticed. Kémy does not seem embarrassed in his company, I have already heard them laughing out loud in Kémy's room. I say good night to Kameron and I leave his room. Kémy would go in, she gently tilts her head looking at me, she was probably carrying a meal tray for Kameron. I'm going to go and let her pass and see what the others are doing.

I'm going into the yard. Tim and Louann train, Louann creates blocks of ice and Tim breaks them with his fists. I look at them for a moment, in silence.

Louann: I create a solid one!
Tim: Do your best!

Louann places her hands as if she were holding a balloon and small swirls form around her hands to concentrate towards the centre, creating a sphere that grows bigger and bigger to touch her fingers. She takes it in one hand and throws it a little further away creating a block of ice about two metres high and a base of one metre by one metre. The ice seemed to shine so dense it was. Tim cracks his fingers and clenches his fists with a small swing. He sends his big fist with a force of a few tons towards the block of ice and hits very hard. The ice cracks and Tim's fist sinks a little into the block.

Louann: Ah ah! I managed to make an ultra strong one! Yes!

She starts doing a little victory dance. I laugh slowly and both turn towards me. Louann stops dancing, embarrassed.

Louann: How long have you been here, Wam?
Wamien: Two minutes, congratulations on your iceberg.
Louann: Thank you Wam.
Tim: I want to tear it down! Nothing can resist me!

He takes a bigger swing and hits the iceberg again, at the moment of the shock, Tim's fist sinks into the iceberg to the point of bursting it from the inside. The iceberg finished in ice cubes for drinks.

Wamien: Congratulations to you, too, Tim.
Tim: Thanks, boss.

Sam lands in the garden near us.

Sam: I'm back, folks.

Tiana jumps out of the house and jumps into Sam's arms who falls on his back, she falls on him.

Tiana: I was so worried about you!
Sam: I see, you don't have to panic like that.
Wamien: The floor's wet, folks. Get up, come on.

Tiana does a little spin back to get up. Sam turns around to get on his knees and then lifts him up.

Sam: Wam, do you mind if I give you my report tomorrow?
Wamien: All right, go get some rest. Actually, you all get some rest.