Chapter 1 - Saeko the vampire

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I am Saeko, I am a lone wolf who kills for pleasure or to feed me. Today, there's no need to hunt humans. I got enough blood to last me a few days. I leave home, my little hiding place with a bed, a dresser for my clothes and a bathroom to clean myself. Here I have peace, no one knows where I am hiding and more importantly, no one is looking for me. I open the window of the hiding place and come out with my feet in front, I land on the balcony and close the window behind me.

I take a little breath and make a good jump of a few meters in the air to arrive on the roof. I put my feet on the edge of the roof. The sun rises quietly, I stretch and look down. I smile, I'm just over five floors beside the void. I could jump and I wouldn't even get a scratch. I decide to take a few steps in balance on the edge of the roof. I go to the roof of the other building and jump to the other building. I move away like that to get close to the city center, where I could see the most people and find blood smells that I like.

I walk up an alley from above, there's nobody on the street. I could take a leap and no one would witness it. I launch myself and make a perfect and noiseless landing. I keep my little smile in the corner, half charming, half sadistic. With the body I have, guys are so easy to attract a little visible skin to my chest and the trick is to play, but the most fun to charm is the girls. Becoming friends isn't so hard, just saying a few sad things about my life and voilà. But to give them confidence, that's another set of handles.

I rarely make it this far. If I really want to drink a chick's blood, my classic plan is to get her drunk and take her home and wait for her to sober up and finally start serving me.

I start walking down the street with my hands in my pockets. I feel a cigarette in my left pocket and my lighter in the other. I forgot I had this. So I start smoking wandering the busiest streets in the city centre.

After an hour of walking, I find a bench on which I can sit. I still want to smoke, I have to go buy another pack, otherwise. I turn my head towards a guy, to his smell, I know very clearly that he smokes. I get up and wave at him with my hand.

Saeko: Say you have a smoke?
Dude: Uh, yeah, one second.

He goes through his pocket and takes one out. He hands the package with a gentle smile. I took one and noticed that his eyes had landed on my cleavage. Men, all the same. I smile at him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

Saeko: Thanks a lot my sweet, it's nice of you~

I sniff his smell well to try to find him later and then let him salivate by pressing my chest a little against his chest. I step back a little and start moving away.

Dude: Say, what's your name?
Saeko: Yura~

I continue on my way by continuing smoke. I walk around with a sexy little wig just so he can keep looking at me.

A few hours later, I see a guy speeding past me. I think I was the only one who saw it go by because of my power. I had time to pick up his scent. I start running to follow him. Its smell becomes more distinct as I arrive near an abandoned warehouse. I'm outside the warehouse door, I hesitate to open the door.

As I start opening it, I jump back and stuff falls right in front of the entrance. I smile. The fast man doesn't want visitors. I start to walk around the warehouse and jump to a balcony upstairs. I open the window and enter the warehouse. That's cute, the guy renovated everything. I hid a little when I saw that he was in front of the door I had tried to open. He'll probably have to set his trap again. I watch him do it and lean gently on the horizontal bar of the platform. I watch him replace the metal plates and the pipes.

I stay here for a while longer, while he finishes putting everything back. He turns around and notices me directly. I salute him with my hand and he disappears to arrive next to me, he took a staircase a little further to follow his smell. He was going to hit me, but I easily grabbed his wrist and put him down with an arm wrench. I can feel the confusion in his eyes.

Saeko: You wonder how I could grab your wrist before you could hit me?
Dude: Yeah! How did you do that, bitch!
Saeko: Already you can call me by my name, Yura~
Man: It's not your real name if you can give it that fast.
Saeko: Hm, yeah~ I confess~

He turns his pelvis a little and manages to turn around on his back, I grab his wrists and smile at him.

Saeko: You're actually cute, you know that?
Dude: I don't care! What are you doing in my house?! Why are you following me?!
Saeko: You have a little something special, I can feel it.
Dude: Yeah, it's called a power.
Saeko: Sometimes it can become a curse no?~
Dude: Get the fuck off me!

I approach and sniff his smell. He elbows me in the stomach and elbows me on the breast. I scream in pain and move back a little.

Saeko: What is your problem?!

I massage my breast to try to ease the pain. He pushes me away and jumps up. I also stand up and look at him.

Dude: Get the hell out of my house.
Saeko: Listen, I have a power too, as you say.
Dude: What's the difference?
Saeko: The blood I drink gives me more strength and energy.

I open my mouth a little and let my fangs see. The guy looks and seems impressed.

Dude: Okay, relax, one, I'm sorry I hit you, two, my name is Drake.
Saeko: Yeah, you don't know how much it hurts, a blow on the breasts.
Drake: Well, then why did you follow me?
Saeko: I saw you speed past me on the street. And I'm curious by nature so I sniffed your scent so far~
Drake: Your fangs, your speed, the fact that you love blood, aren't you a vampire?
Saeko: Oh, but he's not all stupid the little Drakounet~

I applaud to support my sarcasm.

Drake: Don't call me that.

I can feel his heart beating faster and see his eyes dilate.

Saeko: A chick called you that before?~ Or maybe a guy, who knows?
Drake: My ex, she left me for another guy.
Saeko: Oh, get out the violins and tears! What a moving story! Bouhouhou!

I keep my mocking little smile. He clenched his fist, he wanted to hit me.

Drake: Will you stop pissing me off?
Saeko: I don't know, I like your little reactions~

Drake seems to be thinking. I approach and look him in the eye.

Saeko: Drakounet reflects?~
Drake: Yeah, you could actually be useful to me.
Saeko: Really? Tell~
Drake: I want to recruit people, but people with powers. We would not let others walk over us and we would do whatever we wanted, robbery, murder, looting and so on. We'd be the Black Eagles.

I smile and bite my lip a little. I could kill people and then feed myself, that's all good for me.

Saeko: The thing is I'm a loner~ I do my stuff solo~
Drake: Yeah, but how do you make your money?
Saeko: Well I steal people before I kill them?
Drake: And how much money did you get?
Saeko: Um, a guy with a thousand dollars at one point.
Drake: We could have a hundred times more money than that~

A hundred times more money is a great amount of money. I think, pros and cons, for a lot of money, being able to kill people, ease having food, not having to act as a team, endure other people. Three for and two against, it'd be worth a try.

Saeko: Yeah, okay, but if I don't like it, I reserve the right to get off the team.
Drake: Whatever you say, but I have a feeling you're still going to like the idea.
Saeko: Yeah, maybe.

I stretch and watch him. He also looks at me and seems to be waiting for an answer.

Saeko: Well, I'll go home and eat~ I'll be back tomorrow~
Drake: Okay, otherwise, what's your real name?
Saeko: Saeko~ The beautiful and magnificent Saeko~
Drake: See you tomorrow then.

I smile and go out the window the same way I came in. I'm heading home without even looking back.