Types of powers

There are 4 types of powers, transfer, transformation, control and emitting. Each type has its own characterization that allows them to be separated from the other types. The type higher in the list takes over the following types in the list.

-Mutation: mutations involve a power that has permanent repercussions on the individual's body, for example, Kellan's muscles that are there permanently or Tiana's joints that she must control.
-Transformation: unlike mutations, transformations only temporarily change the physique of individuals, like Sam with his retractable wings or Jack with his power of invisibility.
-Control: Control powers include anything that is a form of control or manipulation of matter or individuals. For example, the power of Wamien who can control technology or Daryl who can control gravity.
-Emitting: Emitting powers are all powers that do not fall into a higher category, for example Kemyanne's wall-pass power or Clara's healing power.

Attention, as each power depends on the individual, the same power can fall into one category or the other. For example, Kellan's super force power is a mutation since he cannot deactivate it, but Tim's power is a transformation since it can be deactivated.