The Drumel genes

The Drumel genes is the name of the associated gene group to define whether an individual has, will have or will not have powers during his life. This group of genes bears the name of the individual who discovered and searched for these genes, Darakei Drumel.

Types of genes

  • Inactive gene: Inactive genes is the most common type of gene, it is necessarily associated with humans since having inactive genes implies that you have no power. 99.85% of the world's population possess this type of gene.
  • Latent gene: Latent genes is the type of gene that means a transition from human status to new human status. It is possible that the gene becomes active during the life of the individual or that one of his children has the active genes, in other cases the genes remain latent. There are 0.14% of the world population who possess this type of genes.
  • Active gene: Active genes imply that the individual possesses power, whether controlled or not. As soon as the gene changes state, the individual becomes a new human. 0.01% of the world's population has such genes.
  • Artificial gene: artificial genes imply that the individual possesses a power obtained artificially.