New humans laws

Law no.4-32

Law no.4-32 means that for any child who has reached the age of four years-old, a blood sample have to be taken in order to detect possible genetic diseases.

Note that it is because of this law that GenCorp was able to recover several million blood samples to validate its New Human gene detection tests. Furthermore, GenCorp is under no obligation to communicate the results to anyone.

Law No. 4-33

Law no. 4-33 means that every individual with power of any kind has no right to use it to affect the health or life of another individual.

Law No. 4-34a

Law no. 4-34a means that individuals with any kind of power must declare themselves in order to appear on the registers of New Humans.

Law No. 4-34b

Law no. 4-34b means that individuals appearing on the New Human Registers must remain confidential and must never be used for harmful purposes.

Law No. 4-35

Law no. 4-35 means that experimentation on New Humans is strictly prohibited, if an individual of New Humans wishes to undergo experiments, he or she must either sign a release expressing the exclusion of Law no. 4-35 from his or her rights, however, it can be restored immediately if the candidate changes his or her mind.

Law No. 4-36

Law no. 4-36 means that individuals with power have no obligation to disclose their power to the general public.